Around Singapore in 15 days (1)

Entertainment in singapore is rather expensive but thankfully during school vacations there are lots and lots of events  with FREE admission. and trust me, they are rather good.
I know i should have postrd about these events really long time ago but, well, i didnt get around posting about it. i just saw the pics on my phone and finally decided to post this while putting D to sleep for the third time tonight.
Anyway, back in late november, wr had settled in our new home, K’s school had been finalized and we were bored. so i started looking on internet for activities for children (for free) other than the play grounds and man, i was pleasantly surprised there was just so much to choose from!
we finally decided to go to two live shows: Barney and Dora. to tell you the truth, we were not disappointed at all. the admission for both the shows was free and our expectations were rather low but apart from insufficient sitting area, there was nothing wrong with the show itself. in fact it was comparable to any other show for which you might have to spend hundreds of dollars.
in fact, we are now already looking forward to the activities that would b offered in summer vacations.

here are some pictures from the two shows






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