Sanam Episode 1

Written by Mona Haseeb

Director Haseeb Hasan

Producer Momina Duraid

With the end of recent disaster named Mann Mayal I wasn’t too sure if I was ready for Sanam. When Sanam was announced initially, Diyar e Dil had recently ended and the hang over had not subsided. I got really excited as it had a dream team and our favorite agha Jani (abid Ali) was supposed to be a part of the project too. By the time Sanam started, my excitement had all but died due to the disastrous Mann Mayal.

The main characters are being played by Osman Khalid Button (Harib), Maya Ali (Aan) and Hareem Farooq (Aila). In the first episode, Aila and Harib got married. Apparently, it’s a love marriage. Aila and Harib worked together in office and perhaps Aila was his subordinate. Harib is a self made man who has worked very hard after his parents’ death to be where he is. He is shown to be someone who has complete control over every aspect of his life. He chose to get married to Aila after much consideration. All this ‘consideration’ and ‘thought’ went down the drain when Aila got a panic attack/temper outbreak just a few hours after their marriage. Now, this was a little shocking for me to digest because when people get married for love, they usually know each other well. I’m quite confused because how could Harib not know the problems with Aila’s personality even though it seems the whole office knew about it.

Khair, the very next day after their wedding Harib receives a call from his office that he needs to get to office for an urgent meeting. Harib tries to wake up Aila but when she refuses to wake up, he goes without leaving any message or having breakfast. Hai bechara Harib. While he is in office Aila calls and starts getting angry for going to office without informing him. Double hai bechara Harib coz it’s completely normal for men to leave early in the morning day after their wedding and that too without informing their wives.

So yea, now it seems Harib is our mazloom, bechara husband who made a wrong decision and married the wrong girl. She is bipolar, is shakki and also does not make breakfast for her husband.  Now that is the ultimate! How dare she!!?? All wives must cook for their husbands otherwise their husbands have a license to have an extra marital affair.

Meanwhile in their mohalla a new family has moved recently. It’s Aan and her mum (Hina bayat). They have moved from a lower middle class family and the mum wants to fit in quickly coz she wants to find a nice rishta for Aan. As of now, the loud mum is my favorite character and I’m glad Hina bayat is playing the role. Anyway,  Aan is a simple girl who doesn’t want to pretend to fit in the new mohalla. She is very comfortable in the old furniture and the chador on her head.

Day after Harib’s wedding when he is going to office without having breakfast, he bumps into Aan who is also going to office without breakfast. Now Harib is looking like a ghareeb, bhooka, miskeen so Aan shares an Anda paratha roll (her mum packed two for her just in case she finds a bhooka guy who might be potentially damaad material). This scene perhaps laid the foundation for Aan and Harib’s friendship which will later become a lot more.

Tou khair, I didn’t find the first episode too impressive but it wasn’t too bad either. In the coming episodes I would surely want to know what exactly happened in Aila’s childhood which has made her the way she is.

Did you watch the first episode of Sanam?


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