Sanam (review) Episode 2-3

Ok, what did i just watch!? I still can’t believe I sat through two episodes of Sanam back to back. And now I have a headache!

Anyway, from the very beginning they are trying very hard to show that Aila is over all a very negative person who has made Harib’s life hell on earth….paving way for Harib’s extra marital affair. It would have been better if they had perhaps shown Aila and Harib to be either engaged or perhaps even if they were shown to have an arranged marriage. It just doesn’t make much sense to me that he didn’t find anything unusual about Aila’s behavior for two whole years. Also, it would have been nice to know how and why they both fell in love coz for now that’s something which I can’t see at all. And please someone tell Harim to change her stylist, she looks awful. BTW, where was her family all along? And she could have possibly worn something better the first time she visited her mom after she got married.

And what’s up with this sheroz? He is supposed to be Harib’s best friend but every time he meets Aila, he does/says something which only leads to trouble. The icing on cake: Harib is such a weird guy…he tells sheroz about every single conversation that he has with Aila. I’ve never seen a guy doing that!

So anyway, in both episodes, Aila has become an even worse person than she was in the first. She is very shakki and she has assumed Harib and Aan are having an affair (omg, why does it remind me of ‘shukk’?). She hits her husband (couldn’t stop laughing at Harib’s reaction) and then she goes off to Aan’s place to confront him. Haaye bechara Harib tou abhi tak bathroom main hi Betha tha!

Amidst all this, Aila has been diagnosed with bi polar disorder without any tests. Haaye double bechara Harib. Kismet hi phoot gayi.

Khair any way, no one except for Hina bayat is acting well. Maya Ali’s facial expressions are reminding me of mannu and Osman Khalid butt is still in wali mode. Harim Farooq is trying a bit too hard but it’s falling flat. I’m actually quite concerned about the future of this mega cash churning serial.

Did you watch the last two episodes of Sanam?


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