Bin Roye (Review) Episode 5

While reading Bin Roye Aansoo, one thing that I loved about Saba was that she was very relatable. She is not an evil person but has all the emotions like all of us rather than the leading ladies of most of our serials. She can get jealous, can get angry and is also aware of it all. This episode cemented it further that Mahira Khan was the right choice for the role.

In this episode, Saba found out that irtiza has fallen in love with Saman and not her. She, all of a sudden, seems to have lost control over everything. Saman is now the favorite child of her parents and irtiza is love struck. she is the older, prettier, wiser and sughar beti but the only thing that bothers saba is that irtiza has chosen Saman over saba. she tries to be rude to be Saman but Saman being her ‘good’ self keeps on loving saba. Saba shares her feelings with her dadi and her dadi tells her to accept the fact that irtiza is in love with Saman and saba must not be jealous. during the engagement ceremony, saba tries her best to look happy but there is sadness in her eyes that no one notices except for her dadi.

The episode belonged completely to Mahira Khan. I’m loving her minimal make up look which is in complete contrast to armeena Rana khan’s. And yes, her performance is simply brilliant. I cried with saba when I read the novel and I cried today with saba while watching the scene where she over heard irtiza proposing Saman.

Next week I will be tuning in to see saba only. she is my favorite character on screen right now

Did you watch the latest episode?


Bin Roye (Review) Episode 3-4

Did i mention before that i simply adore Mahira Khan? I have seen her work before but she has outdone herself in Bin Roye. She is beautiful, raw, innocent and very passionate as Saba. In the initial episodes I was a little unsure as mahira does not look like a school girl any more. Im glad that phase ended pretty soon and now she is a post graduate student. Mahira looks like someone in her early 20’s so now she seems age appropriate for the role. The last two episodes belonged to mahira khan alone. I have recently read Bin Roye Aansoo and saba being such a difficult character, I was not sure if any actress would be able to do justice but mahira khan has done better than I could imagine. Saba is immature but very kind hearted and loving. If played by someone who didn’t understand saba properly, she might have looked irritating on screen. Instead,you just can’t help but fall in love with saba.

The last two episodes moved the story forward a great deal. Satan’s adoptive parents died in a plane crash and Saman is now in Pakistan with her real parents. Saba and zafar have also found out that Saman is not their cousin and is in fact their real sister. Saba is ecstatic and welcomes her with open arms. I just loved this about saba. She is not jealous or insecure but instead she loves the idea of having a sister/friend at home. Irtiza is genuinely interested in Saman and saba has started to notice this too and I loved those scenes too.

I’m still trying to understand the age difference among them. In the novel it’s very clear that irtiza is 7 years older than saba and 5 years older than Saman. In the drama, it’s very confusing. In the first episode, saba was still in school (17-18 years old?) and irtiza was over 30. Now saba is 22 and irtiza must be in his mid 30s. First of all, why isn’t he married yet? Secondly, he must be 12-13 years older than Saman too, why is that age difference not a problem for both Saman and irtiza?

Anyway, I’m totally in love with Bin Roye now and in fact, I’m glad that have made it so filmi.

Have you watched the last two episodes of Bin Roye?

Dil Banjara (review) Episode 1-2

Writer: Faiza Iftikhar

Director: Siraj ul Has

Cast: Sanam Saeed, Adnan Malik, Mira Sethi

I think I am the only person with passion for Pakistani dramas who has not watched Sadqey Tumhare so I’m not too sure if I like Adnan Malik or not. As for Mira Sethi, I didn’t like her in mohabbat subh ka sitara hai. So the only two reasons I tuned into this show were Sanam Saeed and Faiza Iftikhar. I have huge expectations from this play to say the least.

Sikander (andan Malik)  is a passionate photographer. He is a ‘gypsey’ at heart and loves to take pictures of natural landscape. However, he feels that his pictures are only complete when there is ‘life’ in them. Shama (Mira Sethi) is his muse, the ‘life’ in his pictures. Shama is his best friend. Sikander lives with Shama and his mommy who is Sikander’s dead mom’s friend. Shama and his mommy have started to think that Sikander is in love with Shama and wants to marry her. On the other hand, sikander is oblivious to this and considers her only a friend. On finding this from Shama’s mommy, he calls shama to meet him so that he can clarify his position as he does not want to hurt his best friend but shama meets a horrible accident. Sikander rushes her to the hospital and blames himself for being careless.

Nida (Sanam Saeed) belongs to a simple family. She lives with her parents, her Taya, tayi and cousin in the same haveli. Nida’s dad is a poet and her mom (Hina bayat) is a little ‘crazy’. Nida’s dad wants her to study and she herself is also very hard working. However, the rest of the family is not too keen on her studies. Nida is engaged to her phuppo ka beta (who is a total jerk). Her phuppo now wants her son to get married to nida asap as he is moving abroad. Nida’s dad has reservations as nida’s exams are around the corner and he would prefer that she finishes off her education before getting married but her Taya thinks it is better to remain silent on this issue as he is a little worried about his own daughter’s marriage too who is older than nida. Nida has agreed to get married too as she does not want to make the situation difficult for her dad.

So far, it has been decent. It’s a little clichéd till now but I’m enjoying it. As for acting, every one seems good enough for their respective roles/characters. The only problem that I have is with the way Adnan Malik speaks. I’m not really able to put my finger on what it exactly is but it’s just a little weird. Otherwise, he is very good looking and from what I have heard, he is a good actor so looking forward to that. So far Sanam Saeed has been strictly ok for me.

Anyway, two episodes have gone and the characters have been introduced so now I’m hoping that the story will move forward at a faster pace.

So how many of you watched the first two episodes?



So we have moved to a new place over the weekend.

The good thing is that the new place is just across the road so the move was much easier than it usually is but of course the last 5-6 days have been rather hectic to say the least. We have been able to unpack most of our boxes and as this place is a little bigger than the previous one, things are getting settled rather nicely. I basically need a trip to ikea to buy a few things that will help me organize the toy room. With two girls,  shopping is something which we do every day so you can imagine the amount of stuff we have 😉 😉

I’m now catching up on missed episodes of all the drama serials and will be reviewing them soon.


Sanam (review) Episode 4-5

I think after watching Udaari, i thought that most dramas touching social issues would take an opportunity to educate the viewers but of course most drama smop erials are made for entertainment purpose only with lots of beautiful people and over the top performances/situations.

So anyway, in the last two episodes, Aila has become an even bigger evil person. She thought Aan and Harib are having an affair and she goes to Aan’s place and creates a scene. At that time, there is a family at Aan’s place for Aan’s rishta. After the whole episode they decide not to propose Aan for obvious reasons. Aila decides to go to sheroz’s (emad irfaani) place. Next morning she decides to return home, feeling a little guilty but there she sees Aan and Harib together in the kitchen and it confirms her suspicions. After a few more ‘confrontations’ and another thappar, Harib becomes an even bigger bechara. Aila and her mommy are slowly but surely becoming an important part of his life and it seems sheroz is willing to be a part of an evil plan of Aila.

Now, the problem that I have with Sanam is that Harib is being shown the ultimate bechara. However, this was a great opportunity to show how people with psychological disorders should be treated. I have now come to terms with the fact that team Sanam has decided to show how people actually treat people with psychological disorders. Harib is involving so many people in his marital issues and he very conveniently forgets to tell people that Aila has a psychological disorder. The only person he is not reaching out for help is the psychiatrist. I think that’s true depiction of how our society deals with psychological disorders unfortunately. One more thing that is bothering me is the rise of instances in our dramas where girls are shown to be living alone with na Mehram men. I’m not saying that it means they are sleeping together but it’s something which is culturally not acceptable in our society so why is it being shown in literally every second drama serial?

In terms of acting, Harim Farooq has improved a great deal. She fits well in the role that she has. Emad irfaani is just ok, nothing much to talk about. Maya Ali looks beautiful in shalwar kameez and till now has had a limited role to play. I do not like Osman Khalid butt in this drama. He has the same facial expression through out. The best of the lot is definitely Hina bayat. She is just amazing. The perfect person for the role.

So how were the last two episodes of Sanam?

Bin roye (review) episode 2

Its so simple and yet so beautiful. If you arent watching it, you must start watching it now.

It’s quite clear that irtiza thinks of saba to be ‘just a child’ which is quite evident by the way he behaves with her. However, saba is in her teens and the attention that she gets from irtiza only means one thing for her. She has a major crush on him. Irtiza has gone for higher studies and has met Saman (armeena Rana khan) there. They have become good friends over time and it seems they quite like each other. Irtiza in fact has started to like Saman so much that he decided to go on a trip with Saman and her family rather than visiting Pakistan. Loved the way how saba was preparing for irtiza to come. It was really sweet and I was quite sad along with saba when irtiza decided not to visit.

Mahira khan is a beauty, her acting is flawless but she doesn’t look like a 15 year old. She has made saba look very cute rather than stubborn and irritating. That’s something which only an actress of her statuSame goes for humayon Saeed. He looks great but much older than he is supposed to look. Otherwise the chemistry between the two is just amazing. Armeena Rana khan is beautiful but she needs to work on her acting skills.

The best thing about the drama is how the relationship of all family members is shown. They all look very comfortable with each other, just how families are supposed to be.

Did you watch the second episode of Bin Roye?

Bin roye (review) Episode 1

Writer: Farhat Ishtiaq

Produced by: Momina Duraid

Bin roye has ‘blockbuster’ written all over it!

When Bin Roye movie released I knew nothing about the story. I didn’t even know that it was based on a novel but of course when the movie released, I read lots of reviews and some of them gave away the story as well. Although it did well internationally (for a Pakistani movie), people who had seen it thought it was crap. But the story was very simple and I couldn’t believe that they were unable to make a good movie. I had huge expectations from Momina Duraid. Soon I found out that bin roye would be shown as a drama serial in an attempt to do justice the beautiful story written by Farhat ishtiaq. I just couldn’t be happier and had been waiting for it since then.

Bin roye replaced udaari which was also written by Farhat ishtiaq but the genre is completely different. Where udaari talked about social issues, bin roye is a complete ‘masala’ serial. Also, it’s the first serial of humayon Saeed after dil lagi and mahira’s first after sadqey tumhare. All this has built up huge expectations.

So the question is, does bin roye live up to all the expectations?

After watching the first episode, I have rather mixed feelings. I’m glad that they have tried to show the back story of each character which makes it a little easier to understand them better but it’s a lil too filmi with the songs and all. It might work for some and might not for the rest. Everything is grand and fancy unlike our usual drama serials so it’s a little new.

Now, let’s talk about the story itself. The story is about Irtiza (humayon Saeed) and saba (mahira khan). Irtiza and saba are first cousins and they live in the same house. Irtiza’s parents died when he was a child and he loves saba’s parents (javed sheikh and zeba bakhtiyar) like his own. Saba has two older siblings, zafar and Saman. Saman lives with her mamoon and Mami in Australia as they don’t have kids of their own. Saba has always been very close to and very dependent on irtiza. Irtiza is at least 10 years older than her and pampers her like a child. On the other hand, saba is in love with her much older and very handsome cousin.

The first episode was visually appealing. I loved the girl who played younger saba. She is a natural actress I must say. Even the young irtiza is quite good. In fact I was thinking he would have been good as jaaza in udaari. Mahira khan didn’t have much to do except for looking good, which she did quite effortlessly. Same is the case with humayon Saeed. As for the character actors, I loved the lady who is playing the role of dadi. I have no idea what her name is.

As for now, bin roye will be my filmi guilty pleasure. Im quite looking forward to the next episode. How about you?