Sanam (review) Episode 4-5

I think after watching Udaari, i thought that most dramas touching social issues would take an opportunity to educate the viewers but of course most drama smop erials are made for entertainment purpose only with lots of beautiful people and over the top performances/situations.

So anyway, in the last two episodes, Aila has become an even bigger evil person. She thought Aan and Harib are having an affair and she goes to Aan’s place and creates a scene. At that time, there is a family at Aan’s place for Aan’s rishta. After the whole episode they decide not to propose Aan for obvious reasons. Aila decides to go to sheroz’s (emad irfaani) place. Next morning she decides to return home, feeling a little guilty but there she sees Aan and Harib together in the kitchen and it confirms her suspicions. After a few more ‘confrontations’ and another thappar, Harib becomes an even bigger bechara. Aila and her mommy are slowly but surely becoming an important part of his life and it seems sheroz is willing to be a part of an evil plan of Aila.

Now, the problem that I have with Sanam is that Harib is being shown the ultimate bechara. However, this was a great opportunity to show how people with psychological disorders should be treated. I have now come to terms with the fact that team Sanam has decided to show how people actually treat people with psychological disorders. Harib is involving so many people in his marital issues and he very conveniently forgets to tell people that Aila has a psychological disorder. The only person he is not reaching out for help is the psychiatrist. I think that’s true depiction of how our society deals with psychological disorders unfortunately. One more thing that is bothering me is the rise of instances in our dramas where girls are shown to be living alone with na Mehram men. I’m not saying that it means they are sleeping together but it’s something which is culturally not acceptable in our society so why is it being shown in literally every second drama serial?

In terms of acting, Harim Farooq has improved a great deal. She fits well in the role that she has. Emad irfaani is just ok, nothing much to talk about. Maya Ali looks beautiful in shalwar kameez and till now has had a limited role to play. I do not like Osman Khalid butt in this drama. He has the same facial expression through out. The best of the lot is definitely Hina bayat. She is just amazing. The perfect person for the role.

So how were the last two episodes of Sanam?