Dil banjara (review) episode 3-4-5

After the first few slow paced episodes, I decided to binge watch dil banjara every 2-3 weeks and now I think it was a rather good decision. the story has moved along a bit and I’m liking it now.

Nida’s father has been able to convince everyone that there would be no harm in sending nida to Nepal for her speech competition. it was very heart warming to see that after initial┬áreservations, Taya Abba not only gave permission, he also gave his blessings to nida.┬ánida has reached Nepal and as its the first time she is traveling alone, she is very nervous and panics easily. here, she bumps into sikander several times and although she tries to avoid him (like a good girl) but she always gets into situations where sikander comes to her rescue. sikander has agreed to get married to shama but deep down inside he knows that he is not in love with her and with the unpredictable nature that he has, he has packed his bags and has gone to Nepal. when he sees nida, he sees a new muse for his pictures and right now he seems to have taken a fancy of the Eastern and very simple nida. Right now, I’m feeling sorry for nida. she has lost her legs and it seems the only person who gives her hope is about to leave her too.

As for acting, Sanam Saeed and the actors playing her family seem to be doing a good job. Sanam Saeed’s scenes with Adnan Malik seem forced and as of now I can’t see any chemistry between them. I still can’t understand why everyone thinks Adnan Malik is an amazing actor. he is strictly ok.

The story is getting interesting now and I’m looking forward to the next episodes.