Khuda mera bhi hai (review) episode 1-4

woh Larki sab kuch ker sakti hai, gher nahi basa sakti

before khuda Mera bhi hai started, I knew it’s about an intersex child born in an educated, affluent family and the social pressures associated with the whole scenario. but I was kind of not very enthusiastic about watching it but the dialog above sealed the deal for me. I decided to watch it because this is one sentence that, no matter whether I agree with it or not, I have heard about myself several times. I think all strong, opinionated women in Pakistan have heard this about themselves at some point in time so it didn’t take long for me to relate to the characters in this serial.

The story revolves around mahgul/mahi (aisha khan) and Zain (syed jibran). mahgul is a strong, independent woman who has been brought up by her single mother,  sawera (saba Hameed). she works as a photographer and her boss (Mahmood Aslam) adores her. his wife,  arshi, (irsa ghazal), who herself is very opinionated, does not like mahgul at all. their son has recently returned to Pakistan is quite smitten by mahgul. he falls in love and proposes to her. arshi tries very hard but fails to convince her son and the two get married. soon after, mahi gets pregnant and when the baby is born, to everyone’s shock, it’s an intersex child. arshi convinces Zain to give away the child and sadly Zain agrees.

The story so far is very powerful and all the actors are doing an amazing job. I am hating arshi and it’s only because irsa ghazal has been brilliant as the antagonist. I’m really happy for aisha khan. it’s been long since aisha khan has done such a strong character and she has nailed it from the get go. the only problem is her loud make up, especially in the fourth episode where it would have been better if she didn’t depend on make up so much. she is a beautiful woman and a great actress and the loud make up is not helping in any way. the scene where shoe found out that she has given birth to an intersex child belonged completely to both aisha khan and irsa ghazal. so far, syed jibran has been quite good too but the serial belongs to aisha khan. I don’t even remember the last time she was so good. I have always been a fan of hers but this character will be remembered for a long time.

I must thank the whole team of khuda Mera bhi hai to talk about an issue that we keep brushing under the carpet. Although the last episode made me cry buckets, I’m really happy that we are finally talking about real issues.

One word for the first four episodes : Wow!

Highly recommended


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