Naml (1-10) review

Naml has been rather popular lately among people who read urdu novels/stories. I had been avoiding it for the longest time. first of all, the wait for the new episode is too much to bear. secondly, I wanted to read some of the earlier work by nimra Ahmed to know whether it will be something I would enjoy or not.

After  finishing mushaf and jannat key Pattey, a friend suggested to give naml a try and I finally decided to. I have finished reading the first 10 episodes and it hasn’t disappointed at all so far.


Saadi is a simple young man and has two younger siblings: his evil genius sister haneen and the baby of the family, his little brother Sam. his father died when he was 13 years old in an accident and his mother has worked very hard to bring up the kids. his mother, nudrat, has a brother waris ghazi and a half brother Faris ghazi. waris works for nab and is married to Sara who is a scientist and has two daughters. Faris lives with his uncle, aurangzeb kardar (his mom’s brother) who are very well off. aurangzeb is married to the evil javahir and has two sons: the very handsome and cunning hashim (lawyer) and the spoiled brat naushervan (shero). Saadi has a phuppo, zumar who’s also a lawyer and is also saadi’s best friend. zumar lives with her dad.

Hashim and his mother are involved in some illegal activities behind aurangzeb’s back. waris finds out about it but before waris could take any action, hashim gets him killed by his personal guard, khawar. to protect himself, he plans to set up Faris as the murderer and succeeds by planting evidence in faris’s car. to make it look more believable, he also kills faris’s wife and shoots zumar too. zumar believes that Faris shot him as just minutes before she was shot, she received a fake call from someone who sounded just like and claimed to be Faris. he tells her that he had to kill waris as he was having an affair with his wife and so he will be killing zartasha too and to wipe out all evidences, he will have to kill zumar too. zumar was however shot in a way that she wouldn’t die and would testify against Faris.

Not too long ago, Faris had wished to get married to zumar but zumar got engaged to Hammad. after this accident, Hammad called off his engagement with zumar and Faris went to jail. zumar’s kidneys had been damaged and Saadi donates one of his kidneys to save zumar. Saadi goes to England to study and it’s only 2.5 years later when he returns, he starts trying to get Faris out of jail, in which he succeeds too. Saadi is the only person now who knows hashim is the real murderer but can’t do much because he must find evidence against hashim before taking any action. meanwhile, haneen who is addicted to TV and Internet becomes aurangzeb’s favorite due to her intelligence. as both Saadi and haneen grow closer to aurangzeb, shero becomes more insecure and his hatred towards Saadi grows.

By the end of 10th episode, zumar is now planning to avenge Faris by getting married to him. Haneen has stopped watching TV and using Internet as she has realized that her addiction is getting in her way of using her intellect in a better way. Saadi has some evidence against hashim in files he can’t seem to unlock but haneen doesn’t want to help as she has promised herself not to use computers ever again in her life. so far it seems only Faris is not doing anything at all although he is the one who should be doing the most.


There are lots of characters in the story but they are all related to Saadi in way or the other so it’s not too difficult to keep track after the first episode. also, unlike her previous work, nimra Ahmed’s characterization is much stronger here and none of the characters are half baked. there is enough backstory about everyone to help you understand the psyche of each one of them.

The story is full of emotional drama and although we all know who the bad guy is, it’s very interesting to read how they will actually find out. full marks to nimra Ahmed to have woven the Quranic verses beautifully into the story without making it sound like dars.

Right now I’m really nervous as the last episode ended with the prediction that Saadi might be killed. I think it will be up to haneen then to uncover everything but it will be a little difficult for her not only because of her promise of not using computers again but she also has a crush on hashim.

BTW, I like hashim’s character far more than the one dimensional Faris and all along I have been imagining Faisal qureshi to be playing the role of hashim if its ever turned into a drama serial. I think Faisal qureshi is the only actor who has the skill and the charm to look convincing as hashim and it’s anyway been so long to see him in a really good role.

I will now be reading the 11th episode! are you following naml?