Khuda Mera bhi hai (Review) episode 6-7

First of all, ayesha  khan needs to tone down her make up. she is beautiful and does not need to depend on such loud make up. also, amidst all the crying and emotional outburst, the loud make up stands out like a sore thumb.

There, I just said it! now, coming to the drama serial itself, it’s awesome!

The last two episodes were a bit slow in terms of progression of the story but it was needed to let the viewers know of the emotional state of all the characters.

Zain had given away the child to a ‘hijra’ community without mahi’s consent. mahi was shocked and couldn’t fathom this and didnt know how or what she should be feeling about the whole situation. she finally decided to get her child back even when no one seemed to understand her or support her.

Last two episodes were full of emotional scenes and amazing performances. I would like to mention some of the scenes here. the scene where mahi sits in the backyard of her home and makes a grave of her child, the one where she goes to her friend and then the way she goes to get her child back and the scene where she is speaking with Zain about where the child should be staying were emotionally charged and packed with possibly the performances. ayesha khan, syed jibran and Adnan shah tipu have been really good in their respective roles. I think Adnan shah tipu is one of the best character actors is in the younger lot and it takes guts to accept a role like the one he has in this serial. he has outdone himself here. as for ayesha khan, she is phenomenal as mahi. I cannot even start to imagine how a mother would feel if she was going through what mahi is going through but ayesha khan has been able to translate all those emotions on screen tremendously.

Have you been watching khuda Mera bhi hai?  if not, you should start watching now!

Highly recommended!!


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