Muqabil (review) Episode 1-8

Writer : Zafar Mairaj 

Director : Ali Hassan 

Cast :

Kubra Khan, Asif Reza Mir, Mohsin Abbas, Saba Hameed 

When Muqabil started, I was about o leave for Pakistan for a month so I decided not to start watching it, although the presence of asif Reza Mir was enough to make me want to watch it. What was more enticing was the fact that asif Reza Mir is on the title card of the drama too along with Mohsin Abbas and Kubra khan. 

While in pakistan, I didn’t watch Muqabil but heard good things about it. This week I finally binge watched 8 episodes. 

And well, it was worth it. I have fallen in love with it and now I can’t wait for Wednesday as that’s when I will be able to watch it. 

Pareesa (Kubra khan) is the daughter of the very successful Shehnaz (Saba hameed). She is a loner, an introvert and doesn’t seem to be interested in anything in particular except for her plants and her servant’s 10 year old daughter. Shehnaz wants to get her married but Pareesa is not interested in any one. Shehnaz’s assistant, mehmood (asif Reza Mir) keeps suggesting that Shehnaz should now enforce her decision on Pareesa. Finally, Pareesa starts showing interest in arman (Mohsin Abbas)  who is mehmood’s only son. To everyone’s surprise, mehmood is unhappy with this development. Over the years, he has become religious and righteous but here he demands for a separate home as a gift for his son if Pareesa wants to go ahead with the wedding. Arman meets Pareesa and tells her that she must stay with him in his house and she agrees. Mehmood tries every trick in the book to stop the marriage but he fails every time. It turns out that when Pareesa was 10 years old, mehmood had raped her. Since then Pareesa has started to hate everyone around herself including her parents as they were never there for her. But she loathes mehmood the most. And marrying arman is her way of getting back at mehmood. 

So far, the story is gripping and intense . when I found out that Muqabil is about child abuse, I thought it might be like udaari, but the similarity ends there. It’s different in every aspect. 

 Each and every actor is doing justice to their roles. You expect that from actors like asif Reza Mir and Saba hameed but kubra khan and Mohsin Abbas have both pleasantly surprised me. They are both very talented actors and I’m so glad about it. 

I can’t wait for the next episode of Muqabil. What about you? 


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