Khuda mera bhi hai (review) Episode 8-16

So yea, it’s been rather long and a review was over due. Lot has happened since the last review. 

Mahi could not imagine abandoning her own child and when she told zain she wants to bring the child back, he told her that he would not be a part of this. So Mahi decides to take things in her own hands, packs her bags and goes to her mum’s place. With the help of her friend, Sanam, she brings her child back. Zain disowns him and she decides that it would be best if zain and Mahi went separate ways. Mahi stays with her mum, although still married to zain and starts caring for her child, who she names Noor. She creates a little world for Noor where she thinks Noor will be safe with all the supportive people like her mum, Sanam, zahir (who later marries Sanam against arshi’s wish) and a new friend Mikael (Aly Khan). Mikael becomes Node’s mentor and also gives his name to Noor. Noor proudly calls himself Noor Mikael. Growing up Noor goes through phases where he can’t decide upon his gender roles or other kids bullying him but with a great support system he over comes a lot of it and grows up into a confident young man although his voice and gait is a little different from other men. 

Overall, I love this serial because of the bold and taboo topic.  The performances by all the actors, including Furqan Qureshi, who is playing the character of Noor is beyond awesome. He has even changed his voice and gait to fit the character. The biggest flaw for me is the make up! Why are all the ladies always decked up in make up? And although Noor has grown up, the rest of the characters haven’t aged at all. This needs to be taken care of as its taking away all the charm. 

So how many of you are still watching Khuda mera bhi hai?  


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