Muqabil (review) Episode 12 – 17

The last few weeks were a little disappointing as the pace had started to become much slower but I’m glad how things developed in last night’s episode and this is precisely the reason why it decided to do the review ASAP.

Arman found out Pareesa was violated as a child and that has made him even more careful in how he treats her. He is a true hero I must say. Not the most handsome or the richest lead character in drama serials but he definitely has the most adorable and charming traits. Pareesa has fallen in love and rightly so. She is making every effort to have a normal relationship (sans intimacy) with arman. The new soundtrack that has been introduced since they moved to a new place is beautiful and suits their situation perfectly.

Mahmood is content and satisfied that arman is settling down well in his new life and mehmood’s mistakes are not affecting his song’s life any more. He has started to believe that allah has forgiven him because he has been repenting for so long.

Arman has taken up the job at Pareesa’s father’s office and get seems to be quite content in life when to celebrate arman’s new job, his father in law forces him to have a few drinks with him. The scene between arman and Pareesa right after was the crux of the episode and the twist in the plot that came with it was shown in a splendid manner. Both Mohsin Abbas and Kubra khan were beyond awesome. The way the truth was revealed to arman was very realistic as well.

Asif raza Mir, Kubra khan and imran Abbas haider are very talented actors and they are all playing roles that are not only different but extremely difficult to portray on screen. They are all doing complete justice to their respective roles.

Can’t wait for the next episode!


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