Yeh Raha Dil (review) Episode 8-9

I’m so glad I’m watching this serial. The name suggests that it would be a hopelessly romantic story with cheesy dialogues and cringy display of affection. But I’m so glad I’ve been proven wrong. At the core, Yeh raha dil is a romantic serials but there is so much more to it than just that. It’s about emotions, ¬†relationships and family. It’s about problems that people do face in real.

Nida’s parents have reached karachi to meet zaki and give their blessings. Nida’s decides to take her parents to see the house that zaki’s parents have bought for his restaurant. Although zaki’s thinks it’s a horrible idea as hayati is there but still agrees. On reaching there, Nida’s father realizes that its the house where he used to live with his wife and daughter. On enquiring from zaki, it’s confirmed to him to hayat is indeed his daughter. On seeing her father after 20 years, hayat faints. Afaq, her father, starts feeling guilty on knowing the hardships she is going through and takes her to a hotel. Later zaki convinces her to meet her dad and speak to him but she is not willing to forgive him. She makes it clear to him that there is no space for him in her life. Although Afaq tries to explain that there is a side of story that she does not know about but hayat does not give him a chance.

On the other hand, Nida is feeling insecure. Not only she feels zaki cares about hayat a bit too much, now hayat has also turned out to be her step sister. She is furious to say the least.

Personally I loved two scenes the most in the last episode: one where Afaq and hayat were having a conversation due to the emotional content and the other one where haroon and zaki were talking to each other. It was so nice how haroon hinted that zaki might have started liking hayat and that might be the reason why he is getting so involved in the whole issue.

The last two episodes were very emotional but done just right. It’s amazing how I as a viewer have been able to create a relationship with all the characters and I can feel the pain of each one of them. Yumna Zaidi is doing a tremendous job in this serial. While she did an absolutely awesome job with the comedy scenes in the initial episodes, she is totally nailing the emotional sequences now. All the other actors are doing well too. Each one fits perfectly in their roles and I must give credit to the person who chose these actors for these characters.

I’m already waiting for the next episode!