3 incredible ideas to use Mason Jars

Mason jars are now preferred by many people due to a decreased rate of its breakage as compared to other types of canning jars. They generally have a consistent shape & it is liable for holding a consistent volume.

But, have you ever wondered about using Mason jars besides storing food? No?

I am going to share 3 clever ways to use these affordable glass jars in a way you may not have thought of yet!


Perfect Soap Dispensers:

Choose your favorite mason jar to convert it into a soap dispenser. These soap dispensers not only look luxurious but can be a perfect idea if you are looking for a special birthday gift.  Many brands offer decorative pump kits that will have everything you need but these can also be made at home in few simpler steps.


  • Make a small hole in the Mason jar lid to fit the pump tightly. You can use a drill machine for a cleaner hole.
  • Squeeze glue into the lower side of the pump & then carefully insert into the lid hole.
  • Fill your jar with hand soap & screw the lid tightly. It’s ready to use now!

Sewing Kit with Pin Cushion:


Your sewing kit will work wonders if managed with mason jars.

  • Cut a rounded fabric piece, then place a small sized rounded cardboard onto the fabric.
  • Glue the fabric on the cardboard & stuff the small cushion with cotton balls.
  • Now glue the lid at the bottom of a pin cushion. Insert all those small buttons & threads inside the mason jars.
  • Insert needles into the pin cushions. Your mason jar is now your sewing kit.

Stunning Lighting through mason jars:


Mason jars can now be used for your home décor & giving that romantic vibe to your room. You just need to attach the bulb to the lid & make tiny holes all around. Make sure the lid is tight enough to prevent the jar from falling apart.  These mason jars lanterns can be hung from a ceiling or can even be used as a standing lamp.

 Try these perfect life hacks with mason jars & make your life at ease! 🙂

And of course you can buy Mason jars in bulk from Amazon. To buy, please click on the image below to buy a set of 12 jars for less than $25! Now that’s a great deal if I say so myself.



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