Mental Disorder Explained: Anxiety and Panic attacks

Picture this: you’re suddenly faced with a stressful situation; you feel your heart race uncontrollably, breathing is hard and you have an intense feeling of anxiety and discomfort. If this is you, you could be a victim of a panic attack.
Panic attacks and anxiety go hand in hand. They’re not normal reactions to stress and need professional intervention.

Most people, especially in our society, brush these attacks under the carpet and call it just a ‘phase’. Some might even advise you to get a hold of yourself and act sanely.

What people don’t understand is that panic attacks and anxiety are very much real. These mental conditions are triggered by stress, tension and fear. The levels of specific neurotransmitters in the brain fluctuate resulting in a state of panic, fear and anxiety.


The solution? Therapy. Consulting with a trained professional is the first step to ‘getting hold’ of yourself and your condition. You doctor may prescribe you medicines if needed or ask you to engage in certain relaxation exercises and psychological therapy.

There is no shame in recognizing and acknowledging that you’re a patient of these conditions. Break the stigma and get treated for your panic attacks and anxiety today.

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