Why is Bollywood getting obsessive with Headless Women? Part-1

‘Headless in Hollywood’ has set up an example of how women are merely used to grab public’s attention. I came across a number of posters where Bollywood female artists were used as a sexual orientation rather than a representation of their original character. It is also true that men & women are working tirelessly to break the gender-assigned stereotypes but Bollywood movie posters reflect the changing ways of how we admire women.

For instance, we compare two posters of Bollywood movie i-e Kurban & PK.

As it can be clearly observed that in Bollywood movie PK, Aamir Khan took off his clothes to stipulate his character in a meaningful manner, although the character revealed openness & much vulgarity than we have never seen before.  If Aamir Khan stripped off his clothes in the movie poster, it was perfectly inclined to his character that had no cultural or moral biases & even no faith in any religion.

On the other hand, if you came across the Kurban’s poster, you will get to know that the backless Kareena Kapoor had no inspiration from any part of the storyline. We got the idea that female protagonists are constantly choosing to self-objectify their characters.  It is to no amazement that the Bollywood industry is focusing more on visual pleasure rather than figuring out the multi-talented artists. The online moment to objectify headless women is also in full swing in Hollywood, therefore one should focus on abiding by laws of ethics.

Given all these points, I keep my pen down by saying that Bollywood shall stop replicating Hollywood from using their actresses for being bold. Our ethics & moralities are entirely different from Hollywood. Let us not forget to maintain our own identity; I believe objectifying women is not a successful strategy to advertise a movie instead one should try to develop feminist consciousness among youth. Most importantly, Bollywood movies should take a U-turn in developing a positive mindset towards women other than being glamorous or vulgar.

Stay tuned for a series of related articles! 🙂






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