Bollywood Inclination towards Headless Women Part-2

Marcia Belsky, who initiated the movement of Headless Women of Hollywood claims that headless projects are dehumanizing the images of female artists globally. She managed to find countless examples of such adverts of even top classic movies that are repeatedly objectifying a women image. Such posters depict only cleavages, legs or other body parts of women hence merely becoming an object for the male gaze.

This trend is now grasping the Bollywood with a full swing. Here we will discuss another example of a headless poster in Bollywood movies:



Raaz is not the first movie that comes to mind when we think about headless adverts of Bollywood. Such posters can be self-objectifying not only domestically but also internationally. If you bring a closer look at the poster of the Raaz movie, you will find that there was no need to scribble the name of the movie on artist’s back! Although we do agree that the movie is based on a mystery but that doesn’t mean to make women an eye-candy for merely marketing purposes.


To your amusement, filmmaker Pooja Bhatt claims that India needs more adult movies with some bold storylines & controversial cuts but does that really means to highlight women as a sexual pleasure of men? Belsky encourages readers to bring more examples of such adverts on streamline merely for changing the mindsets of people towards women.  She also believes that if men are headless, nobody is there to objectify as it never seems sexual or mindless.


Jism-2 is an erotic thriller film that didn’t need headless women for their advert but then again, it’s the best way to grasp public with such visuals. I bet a majority of the man would not have missed the movie, what a perfect tactic to bring more revenue for the movie while objectifying a women image by all means.

This series of posts will continue to highlight more such adverts to educate our readers. Stay tuned for the next post!


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