Cole Sprouse and Lili Rienhart Relationship so far


Lili Reinhart (21) and Cole Sprouse (25) both star on Riverdale, which is based on everyone’s favorite Archie Comics, just with a darker and a more mysterious theme, which of course, has the fans hooked on this show really, really bad! Trust me, I know, I’ve been there.Riverdale_Season_1_Poster_(Unknown_Release_Date)

Lili and Cole play the iconic Betty and Jughead in this series, with their on-screen romance so sizzling, it has viewers wishing they were a real-life couple too! Let’s just say our wishes came true. Cole is a mystery in itself, which (sadly) means he does not open up about his personal life, completely understandable! But it also has the poor fans aggressively speculating about the couple’s off-screen relationship.


But fret no more my Riverdale fellows, for they basically just made their relationship public in the classiest way possible, which of course has the fans (like myself) swooning and giddy with excitement! How did they make their relationship public? By appearing at the MetGala together hand in hand and looking stunning as always!


Now that the fans have released a sigh of relief, let’s just say it wasn’t quite the easy-peasy journey. While Cole and Lili have been seen vacationing on public holidays and were even caught doing PDA, none of them confirmed it vocally. Although let’s be real, it was quite obvious that they were dating. How could they not?!

cole sprouse and lili reinhart.jpg


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