5 Realistic Self-love Habits

                      “Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.”

 You may have come across certain people in your life who are fullest with their positive energies. You may admire their self-esteem and wonder what makes such people untiring, motivated & dedicated to achieve what they desire.  So the key here is their realistic self-love habits.

Last month, I got an opportunity to conduct a survey of Top 10 happiest people belonging to different communities and companies in UAE. While drafting the survey report, I found out their 5 realistic self-love practices that made them heroes from zeros.

Positive Affirmations:


Affirmations strengths us accomplish an action that we desire to manifest.  It is the most effective way to rewire our brains with positive energies.  For example, If you wake up early in the morning and look yourself in the mirror and utter that I am brave and stand up for myself or I have the qualities to get this job done or My business is growing and just a little effort is needed.  Such positive affirmations can be utilised to restructure the dynamics of our brain so that we truly accomplish what we desire.

Believing In Yourself & Stop comparing with others:

Self-doubt is a condition of your mind when you start questioning about your own abilities. You might come across a failure in your life that cripples you from inside.  For some people, comparing themselves with others often leads to increased complexity in their lives. It is a great setback that dissolves one’s personality to a greater extent. Believe in your capabilities rather than idealising others for their successes. You should only select role models to learn from their success qualities but don’t indulge too much in their life; it could negatively ruin your own personality.

Find Humour in smaller thingcouple-1838940_960_720

Although it might not be an easy task to find humour in smaller things but you can still laugh at your silly mistakes & crack a joke about it with your friends. This small effort will redevelop your attitude & you will face the challenges with a good behaviour.

Surround yourself with Positive people:

It’s always a great feeling to surround yourself with positive people. These people can truly help in transforming your personality & uplifting your character with positivity.


Lastly, it is important to develop a strong bonding with the universe to understand the purpose of coming into the world.


Effect of Emotional Suppression on Children

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“Not in front of the children” – how many times have you heard this phrase being said in movies, in shows, in your own house? As parents and caretakers, we’ve been taught to suppress negative emotions in front of our children. We’ve been told that the virgin mind of a child is highly fragile and vulnerable to negative emotions. While there is some amount of truth in this, it’s equally possible that this emotional suppression is furthering their vulnerability.


Latest studies suggest that emotional suppression on a child only creates confusion and a sense of self-doubt in children. Since a child is able to pick on emotional cues easily, suppressing them with something altogether different only creates emotional conflict in a child. This results in an unhealthy mental status that could affect the personality of a child.

So what’s the best parenting option in this case? Let them know of the entire trajectory.

boy child childhood happiness

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Instead of completely suppressing negative emotions, it’s a good idea to let them see how the conflict pans out – from the beginning to the resolution. This will not only be a good learning experience for them but also improve their mental health and well-being. It’s important to recognize your children as people who can understand your emotions; rather than hiding the truth, it’s healthy to be straight forward about it.