Greetings! I'm Maha Taqi, a software engineer in the making. I study at National University of Sciences and Technology, Islamabad. Even though I'm a software major, my heart and interests lie in writing. Writing is something I do with passion and all my heart! I have over 6 years of writing experience and I have written for various magazines, blog, and websites. I mainly write about travel (my passion#2!), but I can also write about anything and everything! I hope to enlighten you guys about different niches on this blog. See you around!

A Glimpse of Turkey-Part 2

After waiting (agonizingly, mind you), our transport FINALLY arrived. After loading the luggage and settling in the window seat (It’s essential I always get the window seat), the ratty old car sprang into action and immediately started buzzing by other cars with a speed I did not imagine it could go with. Fearing for my […]