5 Realistic Self-love Habits

                      “Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.”

 You may have come across certain people in your life who are fullest with their positive energies. You may admire their self-esteem and wonder what makes such people untiring, motivated & dedicated to achieve what they desire.  So the key here is their realistic self-love habits.

Last month, I got an opportunity to conduct a survey of Top 10 happiest people belonging to different communities and companies in UAE. While drafting the survey report, I found out their 5 realistic self-love practices that made them heroes from zeros.

Positive Affirmations:


Affirmations strengths us accomplish an action that we desire to manifest.  It is the most effective way to rewire our brains with positive energies.  For example, If you wake up early in the morning and look yourself in the mirror and utter that I am brave and stand up for myself or I have the qualities to get this job done or My business is growing and just a little effort is needed.  Such positive affirmations can be utilised to restructure the dynamics of our brain so that we truly accomplish what we desire.

Believing In Yourself & Stop comparing with others:

Self-doubt is a condition of your mind when you start questioning about your own abilities. You might come across a failure in your life that cripples you from inside.  For some people, comparing themselves with others often leads to increased complexity in their lives. It is a great setback that dissolves one’s personality to a greater extent. Believe in your capabilities rather than idealising others for their successes. You should only select role models to learn from their success qualities but don’t indulge too much in their life; it could negatively ruin your own personality.

Find Humour in smaller thingcouple-1838940_960_720

Although it might not be an easy task to find humour in smaller things but you can still laugh at your silly mistakes & crack a joke about it with your friends. This small effort will redevelop your attitude & you will face the challenges with a good behaviour.

Surround yourself with Positive people:

It’s always a great feeling to surround yourself with positive people. These people can truly help in transforming your personality & uplifting your character with positivity.


Lastly, it is important to develop a strong bonding with the universe to understand the purpose of coming into the world.


Have you ever wondered why we dress the way we do? There is a psychological reason for that

Every person wants to inspire others with their wardrobe choices and now the fashion psychology has gone beyond the sense of clothes. Nobody among us truly understands the psychology of how people think or interpret about our fashion choices but nowadays fashion also includes lavish homes, car styling and even the food we eat. People boost about their wealth indirectly via social media postings. But I personally think that; All that glitters is not gold.

The question arises, what is the real social psychology behind fashion? Why do we want to impress others by continually updating our fashion with something new and unique? Is it because you become tired of old things or is it because of the people or society you live with?

I bet you will never post your picture on Facebook or Instagram in the same dress again, But why? The answer here is that our fashion is now more or less adopted solely for signalling social position and not for its usefulness. We always feel a sense of excitement when we work on self-reinvention; it might include changing the furniture of our homes or adding a trendy item in our wardrobe. This adds an extra pressure on our peers to remain current and updated despite of any financial condition.


“Trends chasing is often motivated from a desire to fit in, feel current, and masks insecurities” By Jill Marinelli

Besides social pressure, the other thing that impacts fashion is the use of sophisticated technology. The 3D or digital technology has revolutionised the patterns of our dresses and even our homes. I would obviously try to adopt a better fashion than my peers and would love to get praised from my friends about my choices.


So, it is evident that social psychology behind fashion is not entirely dependent on our personal choices rather it depends on signalling our social position. But on the other hand, there are some exceptions behind our fashion choices like religion, culture and moralities. The impact of these will be covered in our upcoming posts!


Must have wardrobe staples every girl should have

“Buy Less, Choose well, Make it last” Well quoted

Have you ever wondered what makes a girl fashionable? Is it an endlessly stocked wardrobe? Or is it the excess of money? But I believe both things doesn’t matter at all, one need to understand the tactics to wear them rightly. Girls with incredible styling employ a few hacks on daily basis to completely change their outlook.

Here I am sharing some affordable pieces that would simply enhance your appearance in no time!

Oversized Turtleneck Sweaters:

Looking for a chic way to upgrade your cold-weather style? Then it’s the best idea to buy an oversized turtleneck sweater. Get an instant style & comfort in just one go!


Turtle neck sweaters are also commonly known as roll necks or polo neck sweaters. This modern style is easily blended with jackets to cope up with the cold weather.

Grab Tuxedo Trousers:

Tuxedo trousers are an ever green fashion, so the perfect time to grab them is the Christmas Festive. The vast color palette can really make a statement while peeping out over knitted tops. Tuxedo trousers are always a part of my glamorous and flirtatious pieces but you can’t pair with heels in such cold weather. You can go for long leather boots to cover up your legs.

Go For Ankle Boots:


Ankle boots are the ultimate destination for style-minded girls and the versatility in these boots are endless.  These boots goes with almost every type of closets like jeans, maxis or even shorts. Ankle boots comes in wedge-styles, heels, laced and buckled. One of my favorite looks is when I pair jeans with half cuff booties.  This effortless style contributes in giving girls a perfect stylish weekend look.

Stay tuned for our next blog posts to learn more about girls styling!


BOOK REVIEW: Malala-My Story Of Standing Up For Girl’s Rights

Malala Yousafzai, the Nobel Peace Prize-winner remains controversial in Pakistan’s social media.  A majority of the people praise her sacrifices for girls empowerment while others blame her for destroying the country’s image to a great extent.  Whatever views people hold regarding her, she remains an inspiration for many!

Malala wrote her first book in 2013 by the name “ I am Malala”. The book got intense popularity as it was the only way to get an insight into the real life of Malala. After the success of this best-selling memoir, Malala kept on writing more books and “We are Displaced” is the latest edition releasing on 8th January 2019.

Here I will share a review of Malala’s Book- My story of Standing up for girl’s rights released in October 2018.

Malala’s journey begins from her appetite of education where she even risked her life to go to school.  Malala unfolds her stories of bravery and sacrifices in her initial books while this book is dedicated towards her efforts for standing with girls rights despite receiving many threats. The basic purpose of Malala’s book it to encourage girls to speak for their rights in a patriarchal society. The book is written in a simplified language that is easy-to-read for even children.


I really found it a good read for this year as the book truly identifies the core issues of a conservative society. Malala features the book by sharing her own personal stories along with highlighting the importance of speaking against violent and intolerant behaviors of a majority of the people. On the other hand, some stories that were narrated by Malala seem to be extremely fictional and self-created. It might be a tactic to grasp the Western Publication as any opinion imparted against a Pakistani society is always highlighted worldwide for destabilizing the country.

Lastly, I believe that Malala’s book holds up a mirror to the darker side of a country while neglecting many positives of the country. A patriarchal society is not just a menace of Pakistan, this mindset is found globally. Malala do motivate girls to speak up for their rights but she must also provide them with a secure platform to share their stories as many girls end up with their lives while speaking for the truth!

Must-Try Foods Of Peshawar, Pakistan

Peshawar, the city of flowers has a lot more to offer than love & hospitality. Being the historical city of Pakistan, its cultural norms are rooted in its delicious food items that are served traditionally in various top-notch restaurants. Although I did witness the changing mindsets of people who are opting a westernized food culture but still the traditional must-try foods remains unchanged.

So, planning to eat out the delicious cuisines of Peshawar? Then specialties in the town are just breath-taking!

Minced Meat Cuisine- Chapli Kebab


The traditional Chapli kebab of Peshawar is famous throughout the country. The minced meat is added with traditional spices, transformed in circular shapes & then deep fried until it gets black. It is served with yogurt and chapattis. The best place to enjoy the dish is Charsi Tikka Shop & Namak Mandi. If you are a barbecue freak, then you won’t find a better place than Namak Mandi in Peshawar. The newly constructed heritage trial in the town best pairs with its traditional dishes and thus enhancing the atmosphere with cultural flavors!

The Lamb Chops & Dum Pukht:


The people of the country are just addicted to the delicious Dum Pukht (a dish made from lamb meat and its fat). The dish takes almost 2-3 hours for preparation; there are no intense spices in the dish. The fat of the lamb is cooked on low flame until it releases the oil from it. Then the meat is added to the oil with some green chilies and potatoes. I was not a die-hard fan of the dish until I tried it and now I am happy as I also learned to cook this dish like a pro! 🙂

The Sweet Cuisine- Falooda:

For ice-cream lovers, the town offers Falooda that just gives the right pleasure to its consumers. The vanilla-almond flavored ice cream is mixed up with white spaghetti and milk, then served with chilly ice. The people enjoy its rich flavor throughout the year.


The city of Peshawar has a long-lasting history of invasions and wars from the British Empire to Mughals, but the Peshawar’s traditions remain unchanged!






How Schools Could Use Social Media

Social media offers new opportunities for soaking up knowledge for students as they are now more inclined towards using the latest technologies in their daily lives.  The vision of students has gone far beyond than books & assignments. Students now enjoy learning with new forms of communication. Social media, without any doubt, has become the most effective tool of interaction. The web of social media has tangled the students to an extent that it became an addiction for them. This addiction cannot be immediately stopped however can be utilized to effectively retain information.

Here are some ideas on how schools could use social media as a new form of communication:

Web Engagement:


We have witnessed the increased online presence of students on regular basis. For instance, if there exists a website or social media account of a school on the internet, it provides a great opportunity for students to share their reviews or take part in group discussions. It is the most effective way to help students keep moving in all walks of their life. Moreover, the admin of the social media accounts can easily regulate rules & regulations to keep students well-informed about current circumstances.

Hosting Online Competitions:

When it comes to online competition, a school can use social media as the most powerful tool to unlock the potential of their students. For instance, a competition held for digital content creation, photography or animated videos can offer a great chance for students to showcase their talents.


Student Counseling:

Many students hesitate to express their views about the problems they face in their schools. A social media account dedicated to uplift a student’s performance can be very beneficial in this regard. This can not only help in safeguarding the privacy of a student but also helps in regaining their lost confidence by bullying or peer pressure.

Interaction With Parents:

Gone are the days when parents canceled all their appointments to attend the parents-teachers meeting. Social media has greatly helped in sharing the feedback of a student’s performance on regular basis. Schools can use social media accounts to update parents about their child’s progress.


Leveraging social media accounts, let school’s administration to take ownership of their school stories & spread the word of their students’ success worldwide.

How Plastic Is Dangerous To Our Environment

“Today we use plastic- A material designed to last forever- For products designed to last minutes”

Plastic is one of the most contagious materials in the world as it cannot be biodegraded. Our lives are the put at the verge of life-threatening diseases by use of this single material. We throw plastic bottles, bag & packaging on a daily basis that are ended up in our rivers & environments hence giving an opportunity for an eruption of new diseases.

So, Have you ever thought of how plastic can ruin our lives?

Plastic – A threat to Wild Life:

This photodegradable material is not only an ultimatum for terrestrial animals but also for aquatic species.  Its exposure or consumption by animals can cause serious problems in the digestive tracts of animals. Moreover, the chemicals used to manufacture the plastic can lead to intestinal disruptions or even breathing difficulties in animals.

A source of spoiling Underground Water:

There exist landfills in almost all countries but its major drawback is that the toxic chemicals from plastic debris are absorbed in underground water. This ultimately pollutes the lakes, rivers or the adjacent water sources in the environment. Similarly, the flow of water is also disrupted that leads to various drainage problems.


Disruption with our Food Chain:

The hazardous plastic is even consumed by the microorganisms thus disrupting their life cycles. The sea animals greatly rely on algae for their sustenance but when the microplastics are introduced in their feed, the whole food chain is destroyed & the humans are undoubtedly the biggest victims.


Source of Toxin Carrier:

Plastic is a source of spreading the toxins everywhere. This destructive material contains toxins like BPA & other flame retardants hence posing a serious threat to pesticides that are vital for some plants. On the other hand, these toxins are absorbed by human bodies in various form that greatly disrupts the hormonal system of humans.

Lastly, the exposure to plastic is decreasing the lifespan of living beings to a great level. We should take serious measures to stop the plastic pollution for the welfare of living beings.

Do something drastic, cut the PLASTIC!