Headless women of Bollywood Part-3

We are now observing poster after poster of Bollywood movies that are using hyper-sexualized parts of women body to sell their movies. There remains no importance to women’s face; all that matters is her fragmented body parts. We will analyze other posters of such Bollywood movies who portray women as a symbol of sexual greed. […]


Padmavati: The myth or legend?

With the release of the trailer of this high budget, much awaited movie, Padmavati, has come the flood of comments praising how wonderful and grand the whole trailer looks. Now I don’t have any issues with it being told as a folklore, or for entertainment purposes of the majority hindu audience, just as the intended […]


Why she stayed?

Silicon Valley CEO abused wife for 10 years, jailed for 30 days only Yes, you read it correctly. Only 30 days. And what angered me more was that the judge actually asked her why she stayed for so long? And since I have read this, I have been thinking the same, why she stayed? She […]