Blissful Marriage (5)

Sex It must be made very clear that extra-marital or pre-marital sex is simply not allowed. Those who invoke not, with Allah, any other god, nor slay such life as Allah has made sacred except for just cause, nor commit fornication; – and any that does this (not only) meets punishment.[25:68] Having clarified this particular […]


Blissful Marriage (4)

Polygamy Women, hate me for saying this out loud once again, but polygamy is allowed in Islam. If ye fear that ye shall not be able to deal justly with the orphans, Marry women of your choice, Two or three or four; but if ye fear that ye shall not be able to deal justly […]


The most beautiful love story ever…

She was one of the noblest women around, coming from a very prominent family. She was also quite beautiful and the holder of a considerable amount of wealth, being a prominent businesswoman. To marry her would have been a great feat for any man, and indeed, quite a few of the most prominent and wealthy […]