BOOK REVIEW: Malala-My Story Of Standing Up For Girl’s Rights

Malala Yousafzai, the Nobel Peace Prize-winner remains controversial in Pakistan’s social media.  A majority of the people praise her sacrifices for girls empowerment while others blame her for destroying the country’s image to a great extent.  Whatever views people hold regarding her, she remains an inspiration for many!

Malala wrote her first book in 2013 by the name “ I am Malala”. The book got intense popularity as it was the only way to get an insight into the real life of Malala. After the success of this best-selling memoir, Malala kept on writing more books and “We are Displaced” is the latest edition releasing on 8th January 2019.

Here I will share a review of Malala’s Book- My story of Standing up for girl’s rights released in October 2018.

Malala’s journey begins from her appetite of education where she even risked her life to go to school.  Malala unfolds her stories of bravery and sacrifices in her initial books while this book is dedicated towards her efforts for standing with girls rights despite receiving many threats. The basic purpose of Malala’s book it to encourage girls to speak for their rights in a patriarchal society. The book is written in a simplified language that is easy-to-read for even children.


I really found it a good read for this year as the book truly identifies the core issues of a conservative society. Malala features the book by sharing her own personal stories along with highlighting the importance of speaking against violent and intolerant behaviors of a majority of the people. On the other hand, some stories that were narrated by Malala seem to be extremely fictional and self-created. It might be a tactic to grasp the Western Publication as any opinion imparted against a Pakistani society is always highlighted worldwide for destabilizing the country.

Lastly, I believe that Malala’s book holds up a mirror to the darker side of a country while neglecting many positives of the country. A patriarchal society is not just a menace of Pakistan, this mindset is found globally. Malala do motivate girls to speak up for their rights but she must also provide them with a secure platform to share their stories as many girls end up with their lives while speaking for the truth!


Headless Women of Bollywood- The Final Verdict

We have discussed the liberalization of Indian cinema that introduced a headless woman to plush cinema halls. Our artists agree to choose their bodies for self-objectification even when their script doesn’t suit their egos. In our previous posts, we have given a number of examples of such movie posters that are merely designed for public’s sexual attraction.


Although we agree that Bollywood emerged as the multiplex capital of the world with its breath-taking movies in 1990’s but gradually Bollywood turned its ship to generate revenue by self-objectifying female artists hence crippling the moralities of Indian society. Thanks to the headless moment that opened our eyes as to how women’s fragmented (hyper-sexualized) body parts are used to sell movies.

Breaking all the norms of Bollywood traditions, directors are struggling to earn as much business as possible without taking into the consideration the impact of a headless woman on the society.

Impact on Society:

The Indian society has already suffered from moral setbacks in ancient times where a woman was merely used as a sex symbol. The headless women in Bollywood movie posters have brought back the concept of objectifying a woman sexually but in a new way. What a shame it is! Have you wondered why rape cases & domestic violence are increasing day by day?


It is understood that Bollywood movies (being the strongest communication tool for public) are not teaching our men to respect or value a woman’s character in general. The headless posters of Bollywood movies may exaggerate sexual impulses of a man to an extent that he is less likely to control his desires and rape a woman.

Concluding the series of Headless woman of Bollywood, I suggest my readers boycott such hyper-sexualized movie posters that degrade a women’s character to help bring a maximum loss for such movies. Our female artists shall also not choose to self-objectify their body parts as most of them are a role model for a society.

I will not say that a women have no character; rather, they have a new one everyday.  By Heinrich Heini 

Headless Women Of Bollywood-Part 4

It’s a man’s job to respect women, but it’s a women’s job to give him something to respect

The film industry of Bollywood was once known for its traditional attires and ruled the global cinemas for decades. With the dawn of 21st century, Bollywood inclination towards headless women has been increased & actresses themselves choose to self-objectify their personalities. The item songs have taken a vital position in every Bollywood movie that is also collaborated with vulgar posters to attract the public grasp.

The movement- Headless women of Hollywood was in full swing in Europe when we witnessed Bollywood joining the hands of Hollywood to self-objectify a women’s character.

Here we will analyze some other posters of Bollywood movies that will ultimately leave you speechless as whether displaying a headless woman on posters is the need of character or a fishy game against a woman.

GreatGrand Masti:

If you have a look at the poster of this movie, you will get a clear idea as to how men visualize a women’s body. It may not be true for all men but the point here is that women are repeatedly presented as pleasure toy for men. The poster also highlights that the GreatGrand Masti comes from being obsessive to so many women.


The movie’s plot is related to three friends who are unhappy with their marital life and looking for something to enjoy their lives & what is their something? Obviously, a woman who is an object used for their pleasure!

Kya Kool Hain Hum 3:


This movie came in three different parts & with every release of its new part, the movie’s poster highlighted headless women more boldly. The movie’s storyline revolves around men who opt for a porn star profession to earn money.  So, the poster would have highlighted men’s nudity to meet the demand of the storyline. But here again, women are chosen as glamorous & vulgar characters to publicize the movie for generating the revenue. The directors are just craving for revenue without giving a damn to a women’s character.

This series of headless women of Bollywood will end in our next post.  So, Stay tuned for the last part to help us change these bitter realities!

Headless women of Bollywood Part-3

We are now observing poster after poster of Bollywood movies that are using hyper-sexualized parts of women body to sell their movies. There remains no importance to women’s face; all that matters is her fragmented body parts.

We will analyze other posters of such Bollywood movies who portray women as a symbol of sexual greed.



Murder-2 is another symbol for blatant sexual objectification. The movie’s plot is designed specifically to capture the public psychologically with its sex appealing scenes but then there exists no link between the storyline & the posters.  As it can be seen in the poster that Jacqueline Fernandez is shown with her legs wide open, a strapless back & Emran Hashmi’s image in the mirror. This is literally a sense of disappointment when we see one of the most popular actresses chose to self-objectify. It is no doubt that Bhatt movies have chosen to disregard women as a person.

Here comes the third series of Murder:



The mystery continues with another series of headless posters that refuses to acknowledge a woman as the respected person of a society. These movies are teaching youngsters many ways to harass women; on the other hand woman, herself is choosing the path of self-objectification. It is literally a matter of concern where girls are learning to become glamorous for getting a male attraction.



If you look at the poster of Alone, you will clearly get the understanding of how actresses like Bipasha Basu are being objectified for publicity of the movie. It is a clear contrast with the script demand & the storyline. Does this make any sense to present Bipasha as a sex bomb in the poster? This movie could have been publicized while using different images.

I keep my pen down saying that sexually objectifying women is not an effective strategy to get the status of the blockbuster movie. If we unite together to stop watching such B-grade movies, it could be a great shock for such box office movie directors who will never ever choose to self-objectify a woman again.

Stay tuned for more information on Headless women of Bollywood!

Why is Bollywood getting obsessive with Headless Women? Part-1

‘Headless in Hollywood’ has set up an example of how women are merely used to grab public’s attention. I came across a number of posters where Bollywood female artists were used as a sexual orientation rather than a representation of their original character. It is also true that men & women are working tirelessly to break the gender-assigned stereotypes but Bollywood movie posters reflect the changing ways of how we admire women.

For instance, we compare two posters of Bollywood movie i-e Kurban & PK.

As it can be clearly observed that in Bollywood movie PK, Aamir Khan took off his clothes to stipulate his character in a meaningful manner, although the character revealed openness & much vulgarity than we have never seen before.  If Aamir Khan stripped off his clothes in the movie poster, it was perfectly inclined to his character that had no cultural or moral biases & even no faith in any religion.

On the other hand, if you came across the Kurban’s poster, you will get to know that the backless Kareena Kapoor had no inspiration from any part of the storyline. We got the idea that female protagonists are constantly choosing to self-objectify their characters.  It is to no amazement that the Bollywood industry is focusing more on visual pleasure rather than figuring out the multi-talented artists. The online moment to objectify headless women is also in full swing in Hollywood, therefore one should focus on abiding by laws of ethics.

Given all these points, I keep my pen down by saying that Bollywood shall stop replicating Hollywood from using their actresses for being bold. Our ethics & moralities are entirely different from Hollywood. Let us not forget to maintain our own identity; I believe objectifying women is not a successful strategy to advertise a movie instead one should try to develop feminist consciousness among youth. Most importantly, Bollywood movies should take a U-turn in developing a positive mindset towards women other than being glamorous or vulgar.

Stay tuned for a series of related articles! 🙂





Muqabil (review) Episode 21 – 22

For the past two months, Muqabil has slowed down a great deal. I feel that in one episode they show the happenings of only one day (in terms of the time span being shown) . And that might be the reason why they have so many filler scenes and so many conversations that don’t seem to be going anywhere. We all do that at home with our family members, right? But when we are watching a serial, we want each and every scene to somehow contribute to the progress of the story. Unfortunately for the past several episodes, Muqabil has been full of such futile conversations. However the good thing about Muqabil is just when I’m losing hope, it hits me with a shock, a surprise, a twist in the story which is completely unpredictable.

Since arman found the truth about his father, the story was going round in circles. Although I did understand what arman was going through, I found it a little difficult to digest many of his dialogues even with his flawless acting. I kind of knew that arman is angry with Pareesa because he thought that Pareesa has used him against his own father as revenge but it came a lot later than I expected. The conversation between arman and Pareesa should have been in the previous episode. That might have saved us from a lot of tantrums that arman has been throwing since. Anyway, better late than never. Perhaps they wanted everyone to feel and sympathise with arman. So yes, great scene where Pareesa is trying really hard to save her marriage with arman because she loves him and arman is just trying hard to get away from all of them because he considers himself the real victim here. I really liked his dialogues and the way they both delivered them (Mohsin Abbas needs to improve his urdu a bit more) and what was the best part of the episode was the last bit! Yes, arman’s mother has overheard them! And with her screaming capabilities, I’m hoping she will be able to tell the rest of the world.

I have watched na maloom afraad and I thought kubra khan and Mohsin Abbas haider were the real weak links of the movie. Fast forward a few years and they have turned into a treat to watch. They have an amazing chemistry, great on screen presence and impeccable acting skills. The way Mohsin Abbas haider looked at kubra khan in the last scene when she was leaving the room was done so well. The expression on his face was that of a man who was completely helpless: someone so deeply in love but who has no choice but to let go of his love.

So anyway, now that arman’s Mommy hopefully knows the truth, I’m expecting a power packed and happening episode next week. I hope they don’t drag it further and can finish it off in 24-25 episodes.