Headless Women of Bollywood- The Final Verdict

We have discussed the liberalization of Indian cinema that introduced a headless woman to plush cinema halls. Our artists agree to choose their bodies for self-objectification even when their script doesn’t suit their egos. In our previous posts, we have given a number of examples of such movie posters that are merely designed for public’s sexual attraction.


Although we agree that Bollywood emerged as the multiplex capital of the world with its breath-taking movies in 1990’s but gradually Bollywood turned its ship to generate revenue by self-objectifying female artists hence crippling the moralities of Indian society. Thanks to the headless moment that opened our eyes as to how women’s fragmented (hyper-sexualized) body parts are used to sell movies.

Breaking all the norms of Bollywood traditions, directors are struggling to earn as much business as possible without taking into the consideration the impact of a headless woman on the society.

Impact on Society:

The Indian society has already suffered from moral setbacks in ancient times where a woman was merely used as a sex symbol. The headless women in Bollywood movie posters have brought back the concept of objectifying a woman sexually but in a new way. What a shame it is! Have you wondered why rape cases & domestic violence are increasing day by day?


It is understood that Bollywood movies (being the strongest communication tool for public) are not teaching our men to respect or value a woman’s character in general. The headless posters of Bollywood movies may exaggerate sexual impulses of a man to an extent that he is less likely to control his desires and rape a woman.

Concluding the series of Headless woman of Bollywood, I suggest my readers boycott such hyper-sexualized movie posters that degrade a women’s character to help bring a maximum loss for such movies. Our female artists shall also not choose to self-objectify their body parts as most of them are a role model for a society.

I will not say that a women have no character; rather, they have a new one everyday.  By Heinrich Heini 


A constant topic of discussion

Nani: Gudiya per kisi ney koi jadoo kera dia hai
Ammi: Jadoo? Gudiya per? Kis ney Keraya? (who has so much time these days to actually even think about something like Jadoo!!!)
Nani: Tumhari kisi nand ney kera dia ho ga. (ofcourse susraals do this all the time; they must be pro at it by now)
Ammi: Hehe…us per jadoo kion karaein gey? Ashwaria Rai thodi hai koi (Hmmm…yea why waste time on someone other than Ash)
Nani: Nai tou aur kion woh shadi key liye han nai kerti!! (yay!!! case solved 😀 Another mystery is history!)


(watching TV..precisely the new Meezan Cooking Oil Ad)
Bhai: I dont get these bargain offers…buy 5 kgs of oil and get a sachet of limopani free
Ammi: Wat else do you want? A ‘doolha bhai’ specifically made for your paristan sey utri hui behan?
Bhai: Err…