What are the skills a child SHOULD be learning in school

Why do we send our children off to school? So that we can see them evolving into beautiful and independent adults. And while academics are extremely important and necessary, it is not everything. And while schools are great for this, all of them share one flaw: They are depriving children of learning basic skills!

I mean it’s great that you’re getting educated, it does help put food on the table. But what about other necessities and skills which help children to survive in this world? Not only in their youth but also as adults. I’ll be talking about what skills a child SHOULD be learning in school.

For starters, and I think we all agree on this, children should be taught on how to be socially active and confident. Educators have failed miserably in this area. We often see children shying away from public speaking. And that’s fine, they are children after all! But it’s the school’s and parent’s job to encourage them forward socially. Many children all over the world are being bullied, but they don’t know how to cope with it because they are neither aware nor do they possess the courage and confidence to stand up to their bullies. This area of skill is in dire need of attention!


Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, right? This is something which has been burned into our memory! Wouldn’t it be nice… to I don’t know learn about taxes, mortgages etc. in the same way that we were forced to learn about mitochondria? I mean, sure it’s nice, but it’s of no use to us, right?! It’s essential that the children are educated about these topics so that they understand the importance of it and hence, can function like good and responsible adults.


Basic cooking! It’s imperative that children know the basic know-how about cooking. God forbid, they can be faced with unusual circumstances when they are alone, or their parents or babysitters can’t attend to them, they should at least know how to put together a simple meal for themselves. We wouldn’t want them to starve right?


Another major skill children should be taught is to call the right authorities if something goes wrong. There should be enough sense instilled in them that they know what course of action to be taken in which situation. For example, alerting the fire department or calling the police depending on the situation. They should be taught how to act fast and their wits should be sharp!


Other skills include tackling different situations, compassion, tolerance etc. It is of utmost importance that schools include activities in which a child not only excels at academics but is also given an excellent platform for learning new skills and applying them in daily life situations, in and out of schools! Naturally, we can’t give children a career to prepare for, but we can integrate skills in them which will help them adapt to different situations. They will certainly thank us for a long time to come!


Random Update

I always hated the rains in Karachi because all they did was flooding the streets, converting them into city wide swimming pools, killed a few innocent people because they by mistake touched an electric pole and power failures for as long 15 hours. Now obviously this has nothing to do with rain itself but the way the infrastructure of the place is. Things got a lot better cuz of CDGK but they were still far from perfect. Its different here. The world doesnt come to a halt with rain and I find that quite impressive.

So, anyway, things are pretty much fine other than the fact that I am, for some reason, not being able to do anything for controlling my weight. If you are a guy and reading this post, dun worry, the rest of the post will not be about this. Just crossed my mind and I just kinda typed it ‘in the flow.’ 😛

Oh, btw, I have been missing PD. She used to do some really interesting posts and now that she has stopped blogging, I dont even know why she has deleted the blog completely. She has deleted her old blog too which had some really really good posts which could in fact be used for later references.

As for me, nothing really new. I am completely wailee as you mite like to put it. I have applied at some places for work, no luck so far. Its a bit frustrating in a way not to be able to do anything especially wen u have the time and the opportunity. Or perhaps I should say the opportunity is not really there.

Blog Recommendation

Here are two blogs which I have found quite interesting. You might like to check them out:

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Happy Reading 🙂

And wasnt it really true to the name of the post…as random as it could get 😉

Getting back to normalcy

It actually makes me feel better that both Hira and Minerva are pretty much going through the same emotional transition as me even though we are living in 3 different countries in completely different circumstances. The only thing that we have in common is that we all got married last year.

Being married changes pretty much everything in your life…including your name in most cases and thus your identity as a person in the society. The roles change dramatically and all of a sudden you are required to be the perfect housewife who cooks, cleans and looks good too. Your own life takes the backseat and the biggest dream of your life goes down the priority list….perhaps vanishes. Not because you are being forced by anyone but that is something that you just dont find the most important thing in your life anymore. You just want to be sure that your family life doesnt suffer and you make all the compromises you can think of. Alhamdulillah my husband is being very supportive and patient in this regard, he is definitely trying his best helping me adjust, while he is adjusting himself.

I am sure men make a lot of compromises too. Their responsibilities, especially financially, increase and they have to learn to ‘save up’ for the family that they have now and will have. Obviously they have the advantage of continuing their job in the same working environment, living in the same house and not carrying babies within themselves for 9 months. And thus, perhaps, do not have to face a lot of emotional transitions as newly wedded women.

I know this is a type of post that doesnt belong to this blog as such but I guess I would do it here because I realized its not as personal as I thought it was. All newly wedded women feel pretty much the same way as me. So, for now, I’l just try to settle in my new lifestyle but I seriously need to keep myself busy. Getting a job mite help perhaps.

Welcome 2010

This has been an eventful year for me, my whole life has changed completely: new place, new acquaintances, new way of life. But I hope its all for good.

I am in a place where I hardly know anyone other than the guy who is the reason I am here. And I am glad in him being the reason. Taking him out of the equation, I’d rather be at home where everything was familiar, where I could be a lil rude wenever I was not in a mood to be chirpy and get away with it, where I could just sit and chat idly with my family, procrastinate at work and then even complain about not getting work done on time.

But this post is not supposed to be a depressing one. Its supposed to be about hopes, desires and aspirations for the year that starts in six days from now.

I am looking forward to a year wen Id be adjusting with my new lifestyle, becoming a better muslim and improving my culinary skills.I plan to make some positive changes in m life. God, help me with that!

I plan to be myself and I hope I can stick to my new year resolution.

If you have known me for a while, I am sure you know that I am not a feminist. There are certain things that we have to live with and our gender is one of em…obviously unless u are a transgender.

Talking to a lot of working women (being one of em myself), I have often felt that working women tend to be in a far greater pressure, not only from ppl at work but also from the family, as compared to men. They not only have to fulfill their role at office but also have to take care of their parents, husbands, get pregnant and then also take care of their children, finally making it more difficult for them to be really  good at each and everything, being guilty about it and finally creating even more pressure on themselves.

I just found a very interesting article which talks about this very same issue that women deal with literally every day of their lives. A must read.

I’m alive

I dont make ‘update’ posts on this blog anymore..why? A lot of you know why, if you dont then dont ask just go through the archives and try to find it out yourself. Kuch kaam bhi tou kero! 😛

But this one was kinda needed as I havent been responding to a lot of comments. So here goes the update on my life:

I am Alhamdulillah done with my paper and have submitted it too. Currently working on the next which is kinda a continuation of the first. I have a maximum of 45 to 60 days to wind this up so its kinda really tight. It also means I might not be very frequently updating the blog for a while more. But its not only about time. Im being too lazy and I dont know why I dont feel like blogging these days and as you might have noticed I am not visiting other blogs too much either.

Apart from that I have been arranging events every 3 to 4 weeks at work as usual. If I could work here a lil while more I  might have thought of having my own Events Management Company in a few years from now….but hey, I think I can still manage a few events every now and then, especially the low budget ones cuz thats wat I have been trained to do in the past two years 😉

Other than that…well just the usual: dinners, weddings, reading and what not. Oh here’s a funny incident…which aint exactly very funny, its kinda sad but just wanted to share it with everyone.

You guys might already know that I dont like going to weddings. Especially the ones where I practically dont know anyone. Food simply cant be an incentive as I am almost vegetarian. So, when I do have to go to such weddings, I try to avoid as much as I can. But, if it becomes utmost important, I end up going in a casual cotton suit.

So, I went to one such wedding last night and I was pretty much amused by one particular woman in her 50s who was sitting beside me the whole time. When I went and sat beside her, she stared at me from head to toe. I knew she was noticing the dupatta on my head. After a while, she started talking to me as if she had known me for ages…discussing other people’s dressing! Now, I do notice what others are wearing but I make it a point that I do not make fun of them because sense of dressing is something very personal. What I love wearing must be a complete fashion disaster for others.

Her: Oh, look at that girl in beige. Just notice the kaam on her sleeves. Its so gaudy.
Me: (I tried to smile) Yea, but I think she’s carrying it off well
Her: And the girl right beside her, she’s not wearing a dupatta!
Me: She’s wearing a huge scarf wrapped all around. Isnt that good enough.
Her: But still. I dont know whats wrong with girls these days.
Me: Ummm…but isnt her shirt really loose? And the scarf is covering her body quite well.
Her: So what? She should wear a dupatta.

After a while

Her: Did you see that girl in capris?
Me: Who? That one in pink with silver kaam?
Her: Yes, looking lovely.

So, a girl wearing capris with a really tight shirt and dupatta just barely there is looking lovely while a girl whose wearing a loose shirt with a scarf all around her head and body is not modestly dressed!

We chatted a lil while more and, lo and behold, we were soon talking about progress.

Her: You know, all of a sudden you can see women shaking hands with men at office, wearing sleeveless and all. People have become far more progressive now.
Me: Err…(thats progress? Thats wat women want? Really? I must be one of those near extinction then.)

She surely was quite entertaining. I hope I dont see her again.

Btw, what is the first thing that crosses your mind wen you see a hijabi?


As a kid, I hated my school uniform. White shirt with a blue pleated skirt was way too boring for me. I hated it wen the teachers would check my nails in the morning or tell me that I should always tie my hair in a neat pony tail. I remember altering my school uniform as soon as I got into seventh grade. I started wearing blue trousers with a white shirt raising a lot of eye brows, even getting punished for altering the uniform. But, it was not very difficult to convince everyone that I could not wear knee length pleated skirts (oh, sentiments 😛 ). Next year I had a long, flared skirt. And in the tenth grade, I even remember wearing a complete white shalwar kameez with a blue dupatta!

The University was a big relief. There was no uniform and I spent my whole University life in the simplest possible clothes while all the girls of my class spent at least 2 hours every day in the morning in front of the mirror just to make sure they looked drop-dead gorgeous in georgette and banarsi suits with perfectly matching chappals.

But no matter what all of us girls wore, we all knew our limits. We all knew how short or how transparent or how tight our clothes could get. Things have changed drastically over the past few years. If you havent been to Pakistan for the past 3-4 years, you would actually get a culture shock. The clothes have suddenly become skimpier (inflation?) and public display of affection is now prevalent everywhere in Pakistan. There is a much greater number of girls flaunting their abayas, but most of the girls wear theirs abayas in such a way that they actually become more seductive than the girls not wearing abayas.

I, as always, am still very against having uniforms in Universities and am one of those few people opposing this idea which is under discussion at our University these days. I dont want to see all boys in grey trousers and a white shirt and all the girls in plain white shalwar kameez with grey dupattas. I want to see THEM as individuals and I just dont think that a uniform helps bring out their personalities. What we need to do is somehow tell them how to dress modestly, rather than imprisoning them in a dull, boring uniform.