With age comes happiness

“YANG YANG, a University of Chicago sociologist, who conducted a 30-year survey of thousands of Americans. According to results, the older people got, the likelier they were to report being happy, with half of respondents in their 80s claiming they were very happy. ” Time


Torch relay in Pakistan

The torch¬†has been in Pakistan since last night and the torch relay was truly ‘celebrated’ today with the President and the Prime Minister both attending the ceremony, clearly giving out the message o consolodarity with China. The best part of the ceremony was to be able to see both Mush and Gillani togather literally everywhere: sitting in the crowd, holding the torch and on the stage. The torch of harmony is already having its effects ūüėČ

Picture from BBC.


The dictator who is a democrat at heart

Its nice to see that¬†I am not the only surviving supporter of President Musharraf. (Now this does not mean that I support him blindly and irrationally). Here is a post which very intelligently reminds everyone about how Adnan Kakakhail confronted Musharraf¬†and is still very much alive.¬†It also talks about how the so called democratic leader, Nawaz Sharif, harrassed a female anchor of Business Plus to ensure a certain news itemwas not aired. I would like to add to ths whole story by reminding everyone how the¬†biggest advocate¬†of restoration of judiciary planned to sabotage the judiciary in 1999. He¬†played havoc with the judiciary when he clashed with the then Chief Justice, Mr. Sajjad Ali Shah. It seemed surprising that his recent election camaign almost completely depended upon ‚Äúindependent judiciary.‚ÄĚ But the people of Pakistan¬†seem to have¬†forgotten¬†the unfortunate episode when his party‚Äôs jiyalas attacked on the Supreme Court building. So ofcourse it can be imagined how ‘sincere’ he must be towards the country.

Olympic Torch in Pakistan…The Long Wait is Finally Over

The torch, touring the world ahead of the Olympic Games in Beijing in August, arrived in a chartered plane from Muscat at a an airbase in the nearby city of Rawalpindi. The torch is in Pakistan after 44 long year.¬†There are Alhamdulillah¬†no specific threats to disrupt the Olympic flame’s procession and¬†any anti-China protests over China’s treatment of Tibetans are not expected, which have plagued the global torch relay elsewhere.

The torch will be transported to the capital’s main Jinnah Stadium at around 2 pm¬†PST. The original plan was to parade the torch down from the presidency building and along Islamabad’s¬†main boulevard, but the entirety of the event will now be held behind closed doors at the stadium to ensure security.

President Pervez Musharraf is due to return from a trip to China on Wednesday to attend the ceremony, while Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani is also set to be there. It would be nice to see the two hostile leaders togather after the oath taking cermony.

It is an honor for Pakistan that the Asian tour of the torch has started from Pakistan. It will then travel to New Delhi from Islamabad.

Yousuf reaches another landmark

There was not much to be talked about the on going Pakistan-Bangladesh ODI series (except the battle between WAPDA and PCB perhaps) until this feat achived by our very ownhero, Mohammad Yousuf. During his cameo knock of 32 yesterday he became the second Pakistani batsman to go past 9000 runs after Inzi. Although it was a superb 72-ball 76 by opener Salman Butt that inspired Pakistan to a seven-wicket win over Bangladesh after they were set a revised target of 158 to win in 28 overs under the Duckworth/ Lewis method but for me it was Yousuf who made my day.

Way to go Yousuf! Thanx for making us proud once again ūüôā

The saga continues…

I was geniunely ashamed of myself when the incident of beating up Sher Afgan happened. Not because I am his ardent supporter but because that was not something which should have happened. I feared more violence would follow and thats what happened today when rival groups of lawyers clashed with each other leading to the loss of 7 precious lives. It is believed that at least 50 vehicles have been torched as well. These incidents are not only embarrassing for the whole nation but also very damaging for the new coalition government.

I assume the drama has not ended here. There’s a lot more to come for us to witness in the coming days.