Yousuf reaches another landmark

There was not much to be talked about the on going Pakistan-Bangladesh ODI series (except the battle between WAPDA and PCB perhaps) until this feat achived by our very ownhero, Mohammad Yousuf. During his cameo knock of 32 yesterday he became the second Pakistani batsman to go past 9000 runs after Inzi. Although it was a superb 72-ball 76 by opener Salman Butt that inspired Pakistan to a seven-wicket win over Bangladesh after they were set a revised target of 158 to win in 28 overs under the Duckworth/ Lewis method but for me it was Yousuf who made my day.

Way to go Yousuf! Thanx for making us proud once again 🙂


The saga continues…

I was geniunely ashamed of myself when the incident of beating up Sher Afgan happened. Not because I am his ardent supporter but because that was not something which should have happened. I feared more violence would follow and thats what happened today when rival groups of lawyers clashed with each other leading to the loss of 7 precious lives. It is believed that at least 50 vehicles have been torched as well. These incidents are not only embarrassing for the whole nation but also very damaging for the new coalition government.

I assume the drama has not ended here. There’s a lot more to come for us to witness in the coming days.


 I know I am lazy…but I have never been lazier than this!

Its been more than a month since I came back from UK but I still havent sent in my pics to my bro…can u believe that!!?? Anyway, was just uploading my pics on the Flickr wen I came across my fav of the lot so I thought of sharing it with everyone. Its the British National Museum and amazingly, it was a nice, sunny day in London.


The Headscarf dilemma!


Being a muslim girl who wears a headscarf, I find it pretty amusing how such a small piece of cloth can actually create such huge problems…and that too in a muslim country! Here’s a picture that caught my attention today on a blog called The White Path.

A lot has been happening in Pakistan in the name of “Enlightened Moderation.” I hope this doesnt happen in Pakistan any time soon. For me, my hijaab is a set of rules and my freedom of expression which no one can take away from me…

Office Phrases

A friend of mine forwarded this to me, thought of sharing it with everyone

1. For your information, please. (FYI)
Meaning: I don’t know what to do with this, so please keep it.
2. Noted and returned.
Meaning: I don’t know what to do with this, so please keep it little while.

3. Review and comment.
Meaning: Do the dirty work so that I can forward it.
4. Action please.
Meaning: Get yourself involved for me. Don’t worry, I’ll claim the credit.

5. For your necessary action.
Meaning: It’s your headache now.
6. Copy to.
Meaning: Here’s a share of my headache.

7. For your approval, please.
Meaning: Put your neck on the chopping board for me please.
8. Action is being taken.
Meaning: Your correspondence is lost and I am trying to locate it.

9. Your letter is receiving our attention.
Meaning: I am trying to figure out what you want.
10. Please discuss.
Meaning: I don’t know what the “****” this is, so please brief me.

11. For your immediate action.
Meaning: Do it NOW! Or I will get into serious trouble.
12. Please reply soon.
Meaning: Please be efficient. It makes me look inefficient.

13. We are investigating/processing your request with the relevant
Meaning: They are causing the delay, not us.
14. Regards.
Meaning: Thanks and bless you for reading all the bullshit.