Muqabil (review) Episode 23 – 25

Muqabil has handled the subject of child molestation in a way completely novel for pakistani television. We recently watched Udaari which also dealt with child abuse but Imtiaz was shown to be a bad guy overall and people hated him from the bottom of their heart. On the other hand, Mehmood was someone anyone would… Continue reading Muqabil (review) Episode 23 – 25

Muqabil (review) Episode 21 – 22

For the past two months, Muqabil has slowed down a great deal. I feel that in one episode they show the happenings of only one day (in terms of the time span being shown) . And that might be the reason why they have so many filler scenes and so many conversations that don’t seem… Continue reading Muqabil (review) Episode 21 – 22

Muqabil (review) Episode 20

Edited by Warda Moeed Siddiqui Intense dialogues, powerful performances and great chemistry from all the actors make Muqabil a treat to watch for all the viewers. I am assuming the serial will be wrapped up in next 4-5 episodes and the makers are taking their sweet time to build up the climax. The latest episode… Continue reading Muqabil (review) Episode 20

Muqabil (review) Episode 18 – 19

One word – wow! The last 2 episodes of Muqabil proved that pakistani actors are immensely talented. All they need is a good script and a director who can push them in right direction and they can do wonders. So the big secret is out as Arman knows who violated Pareesa as a child. He… Continue reading Muqabil (review) Episode 18 – 19

Muqabil (review) Episode 12 – 17

The last few weeks were a little disappointing as the pace had started to become much slower but I’m glad how things developed in last night’s episode and this is precisely the reason why it decided to do the review ASAP. Arman found out Pareesa was violated as a child and that has made him… Continue reading Muqabil (review) Episode 12 – 17

Muqabil (review) Episode 9 – 11

Fahad Mustafa might be a great actor and host but I have always hated the drama serials produced by him. Muqabil is surely changing that opinion of mine about him. Pareesa is now married to arman and arman is making it clear how smitten he is by her. Pareesa being a victim of child abuse… Continue reading Muqabil (review) Episode 9 – 11

Muqabil (review) Episode 1-8

Writer : Zafar Mairaj  Director : Ali Hassan  Cast : Kubra Khan, Asif Reza Mir, Mohsin Abbas, Saba Hameed  When Muqabil started, I was about o leave for Pakistan for a month so I decided not to start watching it, although the presence of asif Reza Mir was enough to make me want to watch… Continue reading Muqabil (review) Episode 1-8