All that glitters

…is definitely not gold.

People seem to be so happy and content in their lives as long as they are mere acquaintances. Once you get to know them, you find out it was just the fake facade. Deep inside, they have problems which are probably much bigger in magnitude than the ones which you consider to be fatal.

B is a bubbly woman, always cheerful and very energetic. Her dad died when she was 9. Her mom wasnt able to find a well paid job and they were forced to sell off their house, their car and other possessions. Her mom couldnt take it all and ended up getting a malignant cancer just 4 years later. B started working when she was only 17 and became the sole bread earner for her family. Just 2 years later her mom died too when B was merely in the first year of BSc. B is a strong woman. She continued with her education while working and is now doing her MPhill from Karachi University.

S was my student and that too a good one. She has a cancer in her uterus and she is only 21. Her dad died when she was 14 in a road accident that also left her mom with a hip fracture that hasnt healed perfectly as yet. Her elder brother married and left them because he couldnt support them. Her younger brother is only 17 now.

And you thought you were going through a lot?

But thats not the only point that I wanted to make with this post. There was something else too. Do you think people like S and B have done something wrong to be having so many different problems in life? Or its just a test from Allah (SWT)?

I am sure you have met, seen, been with people who think that if they are successful, they are doing everything correct…May Allah (SWT) help us all from falling into this trap of the Shaitan. Here’s a great video by Baba Ali.