I was just reading Saadat’s nicknames when I thought of all the weird names that have been given to me over the years. i do not exactly have a lot of them but I have possibly some of the most stupid nicknames.

  • I dont know why half my family still calls me gudiya!!! for heaven’s sake, im well in my mid 20s, and please dont tell me that I look like one cuz I dont!
  • My elder brother calls me Ro obviously derived from my name: Rosheena.
  • A lot of my younger cousins call me deedee, dee or simply D.
  • Richa calls me Reea. Thats pretty much the ‘shorter version’ of my name.
  • Some of my closest friends call me Leena which was a name given to me at birth. Its still there on my birth certificate. It also has variations like Leenu and even Loony 😛

With one of the most uncommon names in Pakistan, people do end up mispronouncing my name and the most common ones are Rubina, Rubila, Shakira and Shakeela. I dont particularly like any of them but then there isnt much that I can do about it!