Bin roye (review) episode 6

Mahira khan! oh yes! Bin Roye is all about Mahira Khan. her beauty and her amazing performance is what Bin Roye makes a treat. In this episode, Saman got married to Irtiza and although saba had been ‘pretending’ that she has moved on, she hasn’t. all her emotions came out pouring after Saman and irtiza… Continue reading Bin roye (review) episode 6

Bin roye (review) Episode 1

Writer: Farhat Ishtiaq Produced by: Momina Duraid Bin roye has ‘blockbuster’ written all over it! When Bin Roye movie released I knew nothing about the story. I didn’t even know that it was based on a novel but of course when the movie released, I read lots of reviews and some of them gave away… Continue reading Bin roye (review) Episode 1