khoon ke ek ek qatrey ka intiqaam

it was a news i wish i never heard in my life….an incident that would never happen in my utopia of imagination. but its a real world, a world where monsters live disguised as humans and no one is safe. not even young innocent children. i still cant believe that the sky didnt fall when… Continue reading khoon ke ek ek qatrey ka intiqaam


No its not Twitter, Facebook or Google Buzz. It might be for the youth but for the majority of Pakistanis, its politics. And arent we always asking the most stupid questions. Here are some of the most commonly discussed unsolved questions and my answers (you dont obviously have to agree to them 😛 ): Should… Continue reading Procrastination

The day after the 'best of the worst lot' leaves

Finally, the President resigned yesterday. Am I happy about it? Frankly speaking, I dont know! I have never exactly hated him. After all, he was the one who gave us an economy which we were all proud of. No doubt he made some huge mistakes in his era but I believe he was sincere. He just… Continue reading The day after the 'best of the worst lot' leaves

Torch relay in Pakistan

The torch has been in Pakistan since last night and the torch relay was truly ‘celebrated’ today with the President and the Prime Minister both attending the ceremony, clearly giving out the message o consolodarity with China. The best part of the ceremony was to be able to see both Mush and Gillani togather literally everywhere:… Continue reading Torch relay in Pakistan