Lets wake up

Its the first time that the Pakistan Day Parade was canceled and I was deeply saddened. The reason that has been given officially is the security threat. Does that mean the security provided to the higher officials of the armed forces and the people on the premier positions is so weak that we cannot even have the Pakistan Day parade anymore? Is the threat actually so huge that we now have to give up all our traditions?

A sad sad day indeed.

Today, I will not wish anyone Happy Pakistan Day because I am not happy with the way things are in Pakistan.Pakistan is the only Islamic Ideological State after Medina which was developed by the Prophet (SAW) himself and lets ponder wat we have done to this great blessing of Allah (SWT). There’s a long way to go and for that we need to wake up and do something ourselves. I pray to Allah (SWT) that He gives us enough strength that we can sacrifice some of our luxuries for this country and do something more than what we are already doing. And that He give us the strength to accept our responsibilities towards Pakistan and be true Pakistanis. And that we do not break rules just because everyone else does too.

I pray to Allah (SWT) that we never ever have a military coup again. And that our democratic leaders become truly democratic. I pray that our judiciary is free of biases and justice is provided without delays. I pray that the feudal system is demolished and education is provided to all.



Watch your thoughts, they become words
Watch your words, they become actions
Watch your actions, they become habits
Watch your habits, they become character
Watch your character, its becomes destiny

– Yasir Fazzaga

A few days ago, my phuppa passed away and although the death came as a shock for all of us, the way it was handled must be appreciated and followed as much as possible:

  1. Only mehram women were allowed to see my Phuppa’s corpse.
  2. Crying and wailing was kept to a minimum. Keeping women away from the dead body helped.
  3. No one, not even children and close relatives, were allowed to touch the dead body after takfin.
  4. The ritual of reciting Surah-e-Baqarah at a speed of 100 mph was prohibited. Surah-e-Baqarah is something to be implemented during life not to be read without understanding on someone’s death.
  5. The women were given a dars instead so that they would learn something about Islam rather than pretend to be reading Qur’an while gossiping with each other.
  6. After the burial, dua was made facing the Ka’aba rather than the grave.
  7. The mourning ended in 3 days, food was only served to guests on the first day.


Two years have passed since Ch. Iftikhar was deposed, the movement that started to give freedom to judiciary is now only centered at getting Ch. Iftikhar reinstated and the party that came into power partly cuz of this movement has lost all interest in it. This whole circus is taking away attention from the core issues that the nation faces like inflation and terrorim as the politicians are all busy either dancing on the roads or trying to block them.


It was the Women’s Day yesterday, a day I dont celebrate. But here’s a post that salutes the dauntlessness of a Pakistani woman which I just couldnt resist reading and sharing. Happy Women’s Day to all the women especially the ones who inspire us and give us the courage to be what we are.

EDIT: I just found out there is actually on an International Men’s day too 😛

Who is to blame?

Its been more than 36 hours since the attack on the Sri Lankan team, they are now safely back home Alhamdulillah. Now that the initial shock has subsided, I have been reading/watching news/analysis on this issue and I am finding the reaction quite sad. Why is everyone pointing finger at someone else?

Sri Lanka itself has a long history of dealing with terrorism and they know how difficult it can get to control such situations. In fact, the whole of South Asia has been a target of militants for quite some time now. But, we as Pakistanis need to find out why nothing, nothing at all, seems to be going right in this country.

The basic problem, in my opinion, is our politics and our corrupt politicians. We have the most corrupt person in the country as our President. The Prime Minister is his puppet and the Parliament is full of clowns. The democratic government of Punjab has been dissolved and Governor rule has been imposed. I am not a fan of Sharif brothers…but they were democratically elected by the people for God’s sake! The judges still havent been reinstated. Once again, I am not a fan of Ch. Iftikhar but if the whole nation wants him to be the CJ, then wats the problem? Just reinstate him! With so much happening, it is just so simple to get things done against Pakistanis…by Pakistanis themselves. People are desperate! They hate the government and are willing to do anything that tarnishes the image of the government even further…which might lead to chaos and might, just might, help in changing the government.

Whatever happened yesterday doesnt seem to be something Taleban/Al-Qaeda would do. It definitely looks a lot like the Mumbai attack but the results were different. Over there, 10 terrorists were able to take the whole city hostage for nearly 3 days, here they did attack but were forced to run away. But I dont call it our victory. We lost. They had the latest weapons and had come with a plan….and they escaped on foot.* We need to muster up the courage and get united, for once, and try to de-weaponize our society.

Finally, I would like to request all of you to send in an email to Mr. Duleep Mendis (CEO of SL Cricket Board) at ceo@srilankacricket.lk and tell him that the whole Pakistani nation is with him, with his team at this hour and that we are ashamed that they had to go through the worst experience of their lives on our soil.

* Watch the video, its so shocking

Bored? Lets kill a few more Pakistanis!

There are suicide attacks in Pakistan nearly everyday. I try not to speak about them as it only hurts but this one made me tremble after seeing pictures of injured people flashing on my TV screen. I have switched off my TV. Im not strong enough to be able to continuously view all those gruesome images. When will our TV channels understand that these blasts do not make a healthy viewing!

What makes this blast more significant is the fact that it was after all the Marriot Hotel in Islamabad, a heavily secured area (the truck was loaded with 1000 kgs of explosives and actually remained unnoticed!) not too far from the PM house and the Parliament House and the incident took place just a few hours after President’s Zardari made his first speech to the MPs as the President of Pakistan. On top of that, the President was enjoying an Iftar dinner at the PM house just half a kilometer away.

For the past three hours, I have been making phone calls to all my relatives and friends in Islamabad, just to make sure they are safe, just to make sure they were not ‘enjoying’ a feast at Iftar time at the Marriot today. I must thank Allah (SWT) that they are all safe but I know that 50 people have been killed so far and many of the injured would be dying too. I have no words to express my grief right now.

May Allah (SWT) help Pakistan.

The day after the 'best of the worst lot' leaves

Finally, the President resigned yesterday. Am I happy about it? Frankly speaking, I dont know! I have never exactly hated him. After all, he was the one who gave us an economy which we were all proud of. No doubt he made some huge mistakes in his era but I believe he was sincere. He just didnt have the right people around him..his advisors were just not good enough. But does this mean it is time to be distributing sweets? He’s gone but his advisors are still there with their positions further enforced in the establishment. Even if they had been gone, who is this country dependent on now? The great Sharifs and Zardaris!! With Musharraf resigning, I hope these ‘democratically elected leaders’ would deliver what they promised for.

Perhaps, we deserve to be ruled by people like Sharifs and Zardaris who are the biggest thugs Pakistan has ever seen. Just as I read somewhere yesterday…”Welcome to Demon-cracy!”

PS: Do read this one and also do have a look at the comments here and here


With the whole country talking about impeachment of the President, I thought of doing some research to find out what it actually means. I found some very interesting things about this whole process which I would like to share with everyone:

According to wikipedia, “Impeachment is the first of two stages in a specific process for a legislative body to forcibly remove a government official. The second stage is conviction.” (In law, a conviction is the verdict that results when a court of law finds a defendant guilty of a crime.) Now, impeachment is a new concept in Pakistan, so we basically have to rely on the western sources to understand more about it. According to the US constituition, “the President, Vice President, and all civil officers of the United States shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.”

What we know already from all the daily talk shows is that a charge sheet, or a motion to impeach as it is more formally called, is to be developed and requires a majority vote from the parliament but a two-thirds majority is required for the actual conviction. Now, ofcourse, in Pakistan, its not the crimes that matter for impeachment (we all know that the people advocating the establishment of the ‘rule of law’ in the Land of Pure have a corrupt past and can be impeached themselves). Here, the only thing that matters is numbers and the ruling coalition has that. (Cowasjee has captured this so well here).

Obviously the movers of the impeachment are looking for President Pervez Musharraf to emulate Richard Nixon who had thought it wise to quit before he had the ignominy of being grilled by the Senate (SOURCE). But, President Musharaf so far resisted calls to step down and insisted he will serve out his current five-year term. I think he really needs to check out the history of impeachment (amongst the three US presidents: Andrew Johson, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton, only Bill Clinton has been able to be acquitted of the obstruction charge by a 50 to 50 vote in the Senate. ) I hope President Musharaf makes a wise decision.