Coolest Wedding Venues

So it seems the wedding season has not yet ended and if you are getting married any time soon, then this post is for you.

Weddings have become rather glamorous over the years and photoshoots are now a work of art to be treasured for life. So it’s not just about the best make up, dress and photographer, the venue plays a vital role in how the pictures finally turn out to be.

Here, we list down 5 Coolest Wedding Venues in Karachi that will help you and your photographer get the best shots of your special day. Please note we have not been paid by any of these places for this post.

Grand Marquee (Sharah e Faisal) 


The Venue (Rashid Minhas Road) 


Sadabahar Banquet




Maham Banquet 


* Please note that these pictures have been provided by a lovely photographer, Rabbiah Asif Paracha. You can contact her via her Facebook page.





How to: Choosing the Perfect Photographer for your Wedding

A wedding day is the most memorable but challenging day in one’s life where couples want everything to be perfect. You will surely want to capture the soothing bond of togetherness on your wedding day to make your memories last till eternity. Therefore, finding the right photographer for your wedding is of crucial importance who must be capable of giving striking aesthetics to your wedding album.


Here we have compiled some key areas of consideration while choosing a photographer for your wedding.

As you search for the finest photographers in the marketplace, do cast an eye on their portfolios as it will greatly help you to determine what type of photography you are really looking for your big day.


Look for the following key features while demonstrating a portfolio:

STYLE: Determine the various styles of photographers they typically work in. The styles range from fine art photography to illustrative or photojournalistic photography. I personally recommend going for a professional Fine Art photography as it best suits our traditional weddings.

QUALITY OF THE PRINTS: Next, demonstrate the quality of the prints with an open eye as most probably they are going to use the same print quality for you.

LIGHTING & COMPOSITON: Pay special attention to the quality of lighting & composition in the pictures. It can either be dark, moody, bright or an infusion of natural light. Also, make sure 1the subjects are captured with their genuine emotions & not like those caught in headlights.


After shortlisting your photographers’ list, now it’s the time to interview them in person & get to know about their personalities. For instance, if your chosen photographer turns out to be a short-tempered or rude, he/she can ruin your mood to a great extent for your special day. I strongly recommend you to listen to your gut feelings while judging a photographer, if he/she seems polite, cooperative & listen to you more than he speaks then surely it would be the best compatibility for both.


Lastly, look for more professionalism at an affordable price. An ideal photographer will shadow your every move & will capture the relaxed smile of your guests. Don’t forget to ask them about their standard rates & the discounts they offer.


* Because we love detailing just as much as the lovely photographer whose work is featured here. Sahrish Zakia has been very kind and has allowed is to use her pictures. If you like her work just as much as we do, please contact her via her Facebook page.

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Dil Banjara (review) Episode 1-2

Writer: Faiza Iftikhar

Director: Siraj ul Has

Cast: Sanam Saeed, Adnan Malik, Mira Sethi

I think I am the only person with passion for Pakistani dramas who has not watched Sadqey Tumhare so I’m not too sure if I like Adnan Malik or not. As for Mira Sethi, I didn’t like her in mohabbat subh ka sitara hai. So the only two reasons I tuned into this show were Sanam Saeed and Faiza Iftikhar. I have huge expectations from this play to say the least.

Sikander (andan Malik)  is a passionate photographer. He is a ‘gypsey’ at heart and loves to take pictures of natural landscape. However, he feels that his pictures are only complete when there is ‘life’ in them. Shama (Mira Sethi) is his muse, the ‘life’ in his pictures. Shama is his best friend. Sikander lives with Shama and his mommy who is Sikander’s dead mom’s friend. Shama and his mommy have started to think that Sikander is in love with Shama and wants to marry her. On the other hand, sikander is oblivious to this and considers her only a friend. On finding this from Shama’s mommy, he calls shama to meet him so that he can clarify his position as he does not want to hurt his best friend but shama meets a horrible accident. Sikander rushes her to the hospital and blames himself for being careless.

Nida (Sanam Saeed) belongs to a simple family. She lives with her parents, her Taya, tayi and cousin in the same haveli. Nida’s dad is a poet and her mom (Hina bayat) is a little ‘crazy’. Nida’s dad wants her to study and she herself is also very hard working. However, the rest of the family is not too keen on her studies. Nida is engaged to her phuppo ka beta (who is a total jerk). Her phuppo now wants her son to get married to nida asap as he is moving abroad. Nida’s dad has reservations as nida’s exams are around the corner and he would prefer that she finishes off her education before getting married but her Taya thinks it is better to remain silent on this issue as he is a little worried about his own daughter’s marriage too who is older than nida. Nida has agreed to get married too as she does not want to make the situation difficult for her dad.

So far, it has been decent. It’s a little clichéd till now but I’m enjoying it. As for acting, every one seems good enough for their respective roles/characters. The only problem that I have is with the way Adnan Malik speaks. I’m not really able to put my finger on what it exactly is but it’s just a little weird. Otherwise, he is very good looking and from what I have heard, he is a good actor so looking forward to that. So far Sanam Saeed has been strictly ok for me.

Anyway, two episodes have gone and the characters have been introduced so now I’m hoping that the story will move forward at a faster pace.

So how many of you watched the first two episodes?