Maqasid al-Sharia

Ibn-e-Maryam hua kare koi
Mere dukh ki dawa kare koi

I know I am bad with the shairi thing and most probably I have gotten the shair above wrong, apologies for that, but thats not the point of the post. The point of the post is to talk about the self-proclaimed sualiheen aka holy beings aka messiahs aka Talibans.

But before talking about Taliban and whether we like em, support em or not, i think its important to understand what the buzz word, Sharia, is all about.

Now this will obviously be a summary and/or an introduction to the topic and will not include a lot of minute details.


The word Sharia itself has been used only once in the Qur’an [45:18] and can literally be translated to mean ‘way’ or ‘path.’ It is the legal framework (based on fiqh) for the private and public lives of Muslims providing laws for politics, economics, family, hygiene and several social issues. (Do read The Comparison with the Common Law here)

The objectives of Sharia

The law was basically developed for the falah of the people, both in this world and in the hereafter and thus include all aspects of life.

  1. Protection of Religion: To protect the freedom of practicing religion, specifically the 5 basic pillars of Islam. To provide basic health facilities so as to enable all to undertake activities of physical ibadat (includes marriage at appropriate age) and help people in earning halal rizq.
  2. Protection of Life: To promote meditation through salaat (mental relaxation) and physical health through medical facilities and exercise. Family health to be protected through laws on quarantines during epidemics and the isolation of persons with contagious disease. This category also includes laws of revenge, qisas andhomicide.
  3. Protection of Progeny: To provide medical facilities to the females to ensure a healthier society. This category also includes the laws related to marriage (the contract itself), divorce, custody of children, adoption, inheritance and also illegitimate relationships (zina) and the children that might be born as a result of such relationships.
  4. Protection of The Mind: To provide services that would provide mental peace and laws that keep people away from alcohol, drugs and other addictive habits. This may include a lot of laws that govern the economical condition of the society (poor economic condition can lead to mental imbalance) and false accusations.
  5. Protection of Wealth: To facilitate people in ensuring proper usage of their zakaat. This category also includes laws about financial independence of women and regulations about property, trade, preservation of property rights and the punishments for stealing.

Do we know of a country that protects religion, life, progeny, mind and wealth?


Lets wake up

Its the first time that the Pakistan Day Parade was canceled and I was deeply saddened. The reason that has been given officially is the security threat. Does that mean the security provided to the higher officials of the armed forces and the people on the premier positions is so weak that we cannot even have the Pakistan Day parade anymore? Is the threat actually so huge that we now have to give up all our traditions?

A sad sad day indeed.

Today, I will not wish anyone Happy Pakistan Day because I am not happy with the way things are in Pakistan.Pakistan is the only Islamic Ideological State after Medina which was developed by the Prophet (SAW) himself and lets ponder wat we have done to this great blessing of Allah (SWT). There’s a long way to go and for that we need to wake up and do something ourselves. I pray to Allah (SWT) that He gives us enough strength that we can sacrifice some of our luxuries for this country and do something more than what we are already doing. And that He give us the strength to accept our responsibilities towards Pakistan and be true Pakistanis. And that we do not break rules just because everyone else does too.

I pray to Allah (SWT) that we never ever have a military coup again. And that our democratic leaders become truly democratic. I pray that our judiciary is free of biases and justice is provided without delays. I pray that the feudal system is demolished and education is provided to all.


Watch your thoughts, they become words
Watch your words, they become actions
Watch your actions, they become habits
Watch your habits, they become character
Watch your character, its becomes destiny

– Yasir Fazzaga

A few days ago, my phuppa passed away and although the death came as a shock for all of us, the way it was handled must be appreciated and followed as much as possible:

  1. Only mehram women were allowed to see my Phuppa’s corpse.
  2. Crying and wailing was kept to a minimum. Keeping women away from the dead body helped.
  3. No one, not even children and close relatives, were allowed to touch the dead body after takfin.
  4. The ritual of reciting Surah-e-Baqarah at a speed of 100 mph was prohibited. Surah-e-Baqarah is something to be implemented during life not to be read without understanding on someone’s death.
  5. The women were given a dars instead so that they would learn something about Islam rather than pretend to be reading Qur’an while gossiping with each other.
  6. After the burial, dua was made facing the Ka’aba rather than the grave.
  7. The mourning ended in 3 days, food was only served to guests on the first day.


Two years have passed since Ch. Iftikhar was deposed, the movement that started to give freedom to judiciary is now only centered at getting Ch. Iftikhar reinstated and the party that came into power partly cuz of this movement has lost all interest in it. This whole circus is taking away attention from the core issues that the nation faces like inflation and terrorim as the politicians are all busy either dancing on the roads or trying to block them.


It was the Women’s Day yesterday, a day I dont celebrate. But here’s a post that salutes the dauntlessness of a Pakistani woman which I just couldnt resist reading and sharing. Happy Women’s Day to all the women especially the ones who inspire us and give us the courage to be what we are.

EDIT: I just found out there is actually on an International Men’s day too 😛