A constant topic of discussion

Nani: Gudiya per kisi ney koi jadoo kera dia hai
Ammi: Jadoo? Gudiya per? Kis ney Keraya? (who has so much time these days to actually even think about something like Jadoo!!!)
Nani: Tumhari kisi nand ney kera dia ho ga. (ofcourse susraals do this all the time; they must be pro at it by now)
Ammi: Hehe…us per jadoo kion karaein gey? Ashwaria Rai thodi hai koi (Hmmm…yea why waste time on someone other than Ash)
Nani: Nai tou aur kion woh shadi key liye han nai kerti!! (yay!!! case solved 😀 Another mystery is history!)


(watching TV..precisely the new Meezan Cooking Oil Ad)
Bhai: I dont get these bargain offers…buy 5 kgs of oil and get a sachet of limopani free
Ammi: Wat else do you want? A ‘doolha bhai’ specifically made for your paristan sey utri hui behan?
Bhai: Err…