Coolest Wedding Venues

So it seems the wedding season has not yet ended and if you are getting married any time soon, then this post is for you. Weddings have become rather glamorous over the years and photoshoots are now a work of art to be treasured for life. So it’s not just about the best make up, […]


Bride of the Year

Last week, one particular event took the subcontinent by storm. From trending top of the list on Twitter to every social media page sharing pictures, the hype of this incident was crazy. Yes – I’m talking about Vanushka’s wedding. The couple tied the knot in the picturesque views of Italy on December 11th. But the […]


I’m alive

I dont make ‘update’ posts on this blog anymore..why? A lot of you know why, if you dont then dont ask just go through the archives and try to find it out yourself. Kuch kaam bhi tou kero! 😛 But this one was kinda needed as I havent been responding to a lot of comments. […]