Coolest Wedding Venues

So it seems the wedding season has not yet ended and if you are getting married any time soon, then this post is for you.

Weddings have become rather glamorous over the years and photoshoots are now a work of art to be treasured for life. So it’s not just about the best make up, dress and photographer, the venue plays a vital role in how the pictures finally turn out to be.

Here, we list down 5 Coolest Wedding Venues in Karachi that will help you and your photographer get the best shots of your special day. Please note we have not been paid by any of these places for this post.

Grand Marquee (Sharah e Faisal) 


The Venue (Rashid Minhas Road) 


Sadabahar Banquet




Maham Banquet 


* Please note that these pictures have been provided by a lovely photographer, Rabbiah Asif Paracha. You can contact her via her Facebook page.





Bride of the Year

Last week, one particular event took the subcontinent by storm. From trending top of the list on Twitter to every social media page sharing pictures, the hype of this incident was crazy.

Yes – I’m talking about Vanushka’s wedding.

The couple tied the knot in the picturesque views of Italy on December 11th. But the landscape wasn’t the only thing that looked luxurious and gorgeous that day; Anuskha’s bridal dress wasn’t too far behind.
Bollywood’s A-list celebrity was anticipated to wear royalty on her big day but her whopping 40-lacs designer gown took us all aback. Clad in a tea pink lehenga with Renaissance embroidery and vintage shades, Anushka’s dress seriously impressed.
All of Anushka’s dresses for her mehndi, engagement and her wedding were crafted by the renowned Indian designer Sabyasachi himself. The wedding lehenga, embellished in gold-silver metal threads and pearls, was enough to not need any heavy makeup.
Anushka’s bridal jewelry was a marvel of its own as well. Made to complement her Sabyasachi lehnga perfectly, the actress wore a hand-made choker, matha-patti, necklace and jhumkas made up of diamonds, Tourmalines and Japanese pearls.


Oh, and let’s not forget the tuft of Tuscan hydrangea flowers pinned to her bun that amplified her entire look.
Anushka’s entire wedding look was exemplary, to say the least. Has she set a new trend in wedding colors and fashions? Probably. Now designers not only in India but in Pakistan as well are replicating Sabyasachi’s royal design – it’s the wedding season, after all!

Bin roye (review) episode 6

Mahira khan! oh yes! Bin Roye is all about Mahira Khan. her beauty and her amazing performance is what Bin Roye makes a treat.

In this episode, Saman got married to Irtiza and although saba had been ‘pretending’ that she has moved on, she hasn’t. all her emotions came out pouring after Saman and irtiza got nikohofied. mahira khan was more than brilliant in that scene. saba’s dadi was there to witness it all but she let her cry her heart out. Saba cursed Saman several times during her outburst and it hurt her dadi. her dadi is like her best friend who knows her deepest, darkest secrets. on the other hand, safeer’s mommy is looking for a rishta for her son and she has saba in her mind. however, safeer himself is in love with a Hindu girl he met while he was studying in USA. safeer, being a coward agrees to get married to saba and does not have guts to leave his girlfriend either. safeer’s mommy has proposed saba via her dadi and her dadi has asked for a little time. meanwhile Saman and irtiza have found happiness in each other and they seem to be enjoying marital bliss.

This episode was all about Mahira Khan as I mentioned before. she not only looks stunning, her performance is on point too. the song was a delight to watch. however, I am not too happy with performances of other actors (except for dadi who is phenomenal). humayon Saeed and armeena Rana khan look good but they hardly have any expressions on their face. when humayon Saeed should be looking intense, you can actually see him smiling. Armeena Rana khan cannot act!! Please someone tell her that all good looking people are not good actors too. The shadi night scene was anything but romantic! And why are saba’s parents and her brother not being given much screen time? I fail to understand that.

Anyway, I am definitely loving it for mahira khan. I never knew she could act so well.

Did you watch the last episode?

I’m alive

I dont make ‘update’ posts on this blog anymore..why? A lot of you know why, if you dont then dont ask just go through the archives and try to find it out yourself. Kuch kaam bhi tou kero! 😛

But this one was kinda needed as I havent been responding to a lot of comments. So here goes the update on my life:

I am Alhamdulillah done with my paper and have submitted it too. Currently working on the next which is kinda a continuation of the first. I have a maximum of 45 to 60 days to wind this up so its kinda really tight. It also means I might not be very frequently updating the blog for a while more. But its not only about time. Im being too lazy and I dont know why I dont feel like blogging these days and as you might have noticed I am not visiting other blogs too much either.

Apart from that I have been arranging events every 3 to 4 weeks at work as usual. If I could work here a lil while more I  might have thought of having my own Events Management Company in a few years from now….but hey, I think I can still manage a few events every now and then, especially the low budget ones cuz thats wat I have been trained to do in the past two years 😉

Other than that…well just the usual: dinners, weddings, reading and what not. Oh here’s a funny incident…which aint exactly very funny, its kinda sad but just wanted to share it with everyone.

You guys might already know that I dont like going to weddings. Especially the ones where I practically dont know anyone. Food simply cant be an incentive as I am almost vegetarian. So, when I do have to go to such weddings, I try to avoid as much as I can. But, if it becomes utmost important, I end up going in a casual cotton suit.

So, I went to one such wedding last night and I was pretty much amused by one particular woman in her 50s who was sitting beside me the whole time. When I went and sat beside her, she stared at me from head to toe. I knew she was noticing the dupatta on my head. After a while, she started talking to me as if she had known me for ages…discussing other people’s dressing! Now, I do notice what others are wearing but I make it a point that I do not make fun of them because sense of dressing is something very personal. What I love wearing must be a complete fashion disaster for others.

Her: Oh, look at that girl in beige. Just notice the kaam on her sleeves. Its so gaudy.
Me: (I tried to smile) Yea, but I think she’s carrying it off well
Her: And the girl right beside her, she’s not wearing a dupatta!
Me: She’s wearing a huge scarf wrapped all around. Isnt that good enough.
Her: But still. I dont know whats wrong with girls these days.
Me: Ummm…but isnt her shirt really loose? And the scarf is covering her body quite well.
Her: So what? She should wear a dupatta.

After a while

Her: Did you see that girl in capris?
Me: Who? That one in pink with silver kaam?
Her: Yes, looking lovely.

So, a girl wearing capris with a really tight shirt and dupatta just barely there is looking lovely while a girl whose wearing a loose shirt with a scarf all around her head and body is not modestly dressed!

We chatted a lil while more and, lo and behold, we were soon talking about progress.

Her: You know, all of a sudden you can see women shaking hands with men at office, wearing sleeveless and all. People have become far more progressive now.
Me: Err…(thats progress? Thats wat women want? Really? I must be one of those near extinction then.)

She surely was quite entertaining. I hope I dont see her again.

Btw, what is the first thing that crosses your mind wen you see a hijabi?