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Ti’s The Season For Weddings

As time is progressing, pakistani weddings have become bigger and larger. Now people want designer wear and creative dance floors only to have a wedding that not only the guests will remember for a long time but will also look better than any other on Instagram and Pinterest. But with pomp and aplomb comes a […]


What Women Want

What Women Want Yes that is the name of the popular Hollywood romantic comedy starring Mel Gibson, but it is also the eternal question that men, women, society as a whole needs an answer to. Each individual has a different answer (if they have one at all), as Gibson finds out by the end of […]


Why she stayed?

Silicon Valley CEO abused wife for 10 years, jailed for 30 days only Yes, you read it correctly. Only 30 days. And what angered me more was that the judge actually asked her why she stayed for so long? And since I have read this, I have been thinking the same, why she stayed? She […]