So you need to buy a gift?

If you are anything like me  you know how hard it is to find a perfect gift. It is one of the most daunting task possible. I find shopping centers hectic places, and mostly I get stressed out if and when I can’t find a nice gift. For the last few years, I have tried to give more meaningful gifts to people. It needs to be useful to the recipient and I have to be sure that it will be used by the recipient and not passed onto someone else. My pursuit for that perfect gift has led me to discover a lot of crafters who make the perfect personalised gift for any occasion.


Although, sometimes a gift basket with generic products is enough but for people who are really close to you, adding a few personalised extras go a long way.


In my search I came across a lovely online craft shop, La Vie En Rose.


The best thing about La Vie En Rose is that they not only have a range of products for you to choose from, they are willing to make changes according to your needs and budget. You can also bring your own designs to the table. They have everything from couple shirts to coffee mugs and from key chains to notebooks. And they can all be customised according to your needs.


The owner of Rose En Vie La, Rameesha, is a young entrepreneur who listens to her clients and works hard to cater to all their needs. She is extremely enthusiastic about her work and this is what she said about her work,

“I was nineteen and on my gap year. I wouldn’t say I was sad about being home but I was very uneasy and unsatisfied with how my life was.
So one day I just randomly thought about starting what I’ve been wanting to do for the longest time. Just hitting it in the air, entirely dependent on what if.
I messaged my entire friend list that if you need help finding the perfect gift, I’m the one you contact. And a minute later, I got my first order.

It’s been almost a year, my venture is still infant, growing up slowly and gradually. But I couldn’t be happier with it!

The best feeling in the world is when you put your heart and all your effort into something and the other says a few words of appreciation. It takes away all the exhaustion.”


Please note this is not a sponsored post, instead a recommendation after great research.


Muqabil (review) Episode 18 – 19

One word – wow!

The last 2 episodes of Muqabil proved that pakistani actors are immensely talented. All they need is a good script and a director who can push them in right direction and they can do wonders.

So the big secret is out as Arman knows who violated Pareesa as a child. He probably tried to commit suicide but was somehow saved and was brought into a hospital. Almost 20 minutes of the previous episode were spent on showing the reactions of all the people involved, while they were searching for Arman and i was cursing ARY for showing that Arman would be in hospital in the precap of the previous episode.

I’m glad Arman didn’t suffer from amnesia and clearly remembers the conversation he had with Pareesa in the pool. Arman had a difficult time seeing his father and his wife in the same room and rightly so. Pareesa asks everyone, including Mehmood, to leave as she wanted to stay with her husband. I loved the ‘woh Meri Zindagi hai’ dialogue btw. During the night she realised that Arman is perhaps angry with her and doesn’t want to see her in the morning and she goes back to her parents home. On the other hand Arman’s mother is sensing that it’s something to do with his mental state as his physical wounds are not so serious.

The last two episodes were full of extraordinary scenes. I really enjoyed the two conversations between Pareesa and Mehmood’s confrontation in last two episodes. Pareesa and Arman’s conversation in hospital was heart wrenching. Mohsin Abbas was phenomenal in that scene. The way his eyes overflowed with tears was a tear jerker for me as well. I also liked how Pareesa just went and hugged her father, it was really cute. But of course my favourite was the one where Mehmood tries to make dua and Arman feels disgusted of his father and throws up. Mohsin Abbas is a power house of absolute talent. This scene had such a great impact due to his impeccable acting.

Both Kubra Khan and Asif Reza Mir are doing a great job but Saba Hameed needs a mention here too. She is such an amazing actress that we take her for granted and often even forget to praise her hard work. Her dressing and make up is always on point and the way she has handled the character development in Muqabil, it needs to be applauded.

The preview of the next episode was quite intense and now i just can’t wait for next week. Here’s hoping a happy ending for both Pareesa and Arman.

Edited by Warda Moeed Siddiqui

Birthdays made easier :)

Please note this is NOT a paid/sponsored post.

So what do you do when you have two young kids, no culinary skills, no helper, laundry still screaming for attention and your little one has her birthday coming up! You start panicking?

Well, especially yes if you are living in singapore and are on a budget.

This year I decided to celebrate Duaa’s birthday on a budget beside the pool with a few friends of both kids and perhaps 2-3 of my close friends. I wanted something very casual but the cake has to be the most important thing in a birthday party no matter how extravagant or casual the party is. The lady who I have been turning to for the past two years for all our ‘cake’ needs was travelling and that’s when I found out that a friend, Ruqaiya has recently launched her business too. The best thing about her is that she can do all sorts of desserts and you are not limited to cakes only. The next problem was I had only seen pics of her cakes, who did look pretty but I had no idea how they tasted. So, I just trusted her blindly. Or let’s say not exactly blindly because I had already tasted some stuff she had made and it was absolutely amazing to say the least.

Finally I ordered cake pops, cake and cookies from her on snow white theme.

I gave her a few pictures and a few instructions so that she would be free to use her own creativity too. The cake, cake pops and cookies all looked better than the pictures I had given her and the taste was absolutely mouth watering. To top it off her rates are just as good. She didn’t over charge and packed everything with finesse.

It’s hard to believe that she has recently started her business and is just so exceptionally talented . She has been doing various baking and decorating courses to enhance her skills.

This is what she has to say herself, “I am a mother of two daughters (4 and 2) who are crazy about sweets. I am from Pakistan and moved to Singapore couple of years back. I loved baking since I was a student. I actually made my first cake in a pressure cooker:p Looking the shine in my daughters eye as they see the cake gives me push to be more creative and try something different! Over the period, I have experimented with variety of different cakes. I love making decorating cakes with gumpaste, fondant and buttercream. I like the freedom to play with my innovative skills to put the customer’s idea into reality. I am happy to have received very encouraging feedback from my clients so far! My favourite cake so far is the Frozen Castle, which I made for my daughter’s birthday.”

Please visit her Facebook page for more pictures and support her little business to help her nurture her talent.

Sweet indulgence

Dil Banjara (review) Episode 1-2

Writer: Faiza Iftikhar

Director: Siraj ul Has

Cast: Sanam Saeed, Adnan Malik, Mira Sethi

I think I am the only person with passion for Pakistani dramas who has not watched Sadqey Tumhare so I’m not too sure if I like Adnan Malik or not. As for Mira Sethi, I didn’t like her in mohabbat subh ka sitara hai. So the only two reasons I tuned into this show were Sanam Saeed and Faiza Iftikhar. I have huge expectations from this play to say the least.

Sikander (andan Malik)  is a passionate photographer. He is a ‘gypsey’ at heart and loves to take pictures of natural landscape. However, he feels that his pictures are only complete when there is ‘life’ in them. Shama (Mira Sethi) is his muse, the ‘life’ in his pictures. Shama is his best friend. Sikander lives with Shama and his mommy who is Sikander’s dead mom’s friend. Shama and his mommy have started to think that Sikander is in love with Shama and wants to marry her. On the other hand, sikander is oblivious to this and considers her only a friend. On finding this from Shama’s mommy, he calls shama to meet him so that he can clarify his position as he does not want to hurt his best friend but shama meets a horrible accident. Sikander rushes her to the hospital and blames himself for being careless.

Nida (Sanam Saeed) belongs to a simple family. She lives with her parents, her Taya, tayi and cousin in the same haveli. Nida’s dad is a poet and her mom (Hina bayat) is a little ‘crazy’. Nida’s dad wants her to study and she herself is also very hard working. However, the rest of the family is not too keen on her studies. Nida is engaged to her phuppo ka beta (who is a total jerk). Her phuppo now wants her son to get married to nida asap as he is moving abroad. Nida’s dad has reservations as nida’s exams are around the corner and he would prefer that she finishes off her education before getting married but her Taya thinks it is better to remain silent on this issue as he is a little worried about his own daughter’s marriage too who is older than nida. Nida has agreed to get married too as she does not want to make the situation difficult for her dad.

So far, it has been decent. It’s a little clichéd till now but I’m enjoying it. As for acting, every one seems good enough for their respective roles/characters. The only problem that I have is with the way Adnan Malik speaks. I’m not really able to put my finger on what it exactly is but it’s just a little weird. Otherwise, he is very good looking and from what I have heard, he is a good actor so looking forward to that. So far Sanam Saeed has been strictly ok for me.

Anyway, two episodes have gone and the characters have been introduced so now I’m hoping that the story will move forward at a faster pace.

So how many of you watched the first two episodes?


Recipe: Egg omelette pizza

DSC02846This is surely one of the quickest way of loading up on proteins and fats!. Its quick, easy and yummy at the same time. If you want a nutritious meal with minimal effort, especially wen you are alone at home and do not want to cook, this is one great option.


  • 2 eggs
  • Mayonnaise (1 tbsp)
  • half capsicum (finely chopped)
  • one spring onion (finely chopped)
  • one tomato (finely copped)
  • salt and pepper (as per taste)
  • cheese (mozerella and chedder, grated)
  • little bit of oil


  1. Heat a little oil in a frying pan
  2. Saute onions and tomato until soft
  3. In a bowl beat eggs with salt and pepper. Mix mayonnaise well.
  4. Add egg to the frying pan.
  5. As soon as the egg starts to harden, lower the flame and sprinkle capsicum and cheese on top.
  6. Cover with lid and cook until cheese melts completely.



Be the night owl!

Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

Whoever said this, must have been an ardent morning person, a lark. I am a lark too, well, to some extent I am, not a good one though. I would always want to sleep early, but I usually tend to stay awake till around 2 at least.

And for the first time I actually felt good for being a ‘bad’ lark. But being a bad lark will not help. I need to be a night owl to be smarter and richer. At least thats what Dr Christina Schimdt’s team at the University of Liege in Belgium says after their intensive research.

They studied a group of night owls and larks and their results were quite interesting. Everyone was able to respond equally well after having been awake for the first few hours. But it was after 10.5 hours that the larks started to get lazy and felt sleepier. On the other hand, this was when the night owls started to feel more energetic and shone much brighter than the larks in all activities.

Now the problem that most night owls face is that the normal working hours suit that of a lark which makes the owls be sluggish at work early in the morning. Thus, most night owls will only excel in a kind of work where they get to make their own rules, including their working hours.

Note: Btw, the term used for people like me is ‘hummingbird’…people who can very easily turn into an owl without much effort and can also become very good lark with some effort.

Around Tokyo 2

I dont even know if saying ‘sorry’ would suffice. By looking at my blog stats, I know many of you come back every now and then to check whether I have updated the blog or not. I cant do mch cept to say that I will upate the blog more frequently, but  cant promise.

Anyway, this post was long due, I should have done it at least a week back but its finally here! 🙂

Tokyo Disney Land

Oh I wish I was able to visit a place like this 12-15 years back. I am definitely not saying I didnt enjoy my trip, but obviously it would have been great wen I was growing up with all the Disney characters. It would have been simply amazing if I could, back then, see all my favorite Disney characters leaping out of the television. Anyway, here are a few videos which we made during our stay there.

Palaces and Shrines

Street Performance

I dont think need to say much about this cept that it was completely beautiful.

Note: Btw, I have updated my previous post with a few pictures.